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  1. i can see the rating... why you cannot see??whatis the first link for??
  2. Just try grc leaktest and pcflank leaktest... Failed if firewall set to Low Security and Passed when set to Training Mode.
  3. Last time i just made hard reset for my phone because i think my phone have virus because a lot of program cannot start and lag too much. Last time i use symantec product so i think im gonna too change to KAV becuase im using KIS 6 and its great product for my laptop. but i have some question for Mobile: 1. Did KAV scan for file inside .sis? 2. Is it possible if i turn on bluetooth and get infected? i mean the virus install itself without require user permission to install, and my bluetooth setting did not set the device that infected as authorize? 3. What u think about firewall for Mobile? do i need it? (your professional opinion?) 4. When installing KAV antivirus do i need to install to phone memory or memory card? (your professional opinion?) 5. I use KIS with latest update and virus definition for my laptop so i have some .sis file, did KIS scanned for infected .sis file? I have download one .sis file to my laptop for friend symbian phone. Then i give sis file to my friend and my friend antivirus detected as a SymbOs.Fontal something like that and Locknut or whatever its name when try to install but my KIS did not detect anything? Sorry for lots of question. i live in country where a lot of phone get infected with commwarrior and cabir. So i just need great protection for my phone. Thanks
  4. hi all this happen same day when the internet service in asia is currently experiencing a degradation in performance caused by several outages at some of the international link, some people in asia maybe still have problem not just updating but surfing also. this is because of richter 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck off the southern coast of taiwan which caused the APCN2 (asia pacific cable network 2) submarine cable fault. i still have some delay accessing some internet content host in us, europe or japan. sometimes cannot update.
  5. thanks for reply.. i have set the rule and yahoo messenger want connection to and use some other port udp 3478 and tcp 5061. thanks again.
  6. hi again.. i just want to ask is it posible to change file fwpreset.ini in kaspersky folder? because i see there is and rules in fwpreset.ini for yahoo messenger but in that list it show : [Yahoo! Messenger] App=ypager.exe and so on.. but new yahoo messenger application name is YahooMessenger.exe or can i copy all yahoo messenger rules from fwpreset.ini save it somewhere then change ypager.exe to YahooMessenger.exe ?
  7. hello again i just want to know is it safe to delete file dmp in kaspersky folder.. dmp for dump files .. am i right ? is it safe to delete..? i have 6 dmp files each 80mb in size so it takes about 480mb in harddisk.
  8. Hello i new here, I have some question : 1. if i'm behind router with firewall did i need to set port forwarding for port 1110 to make KIS work perfectly ? 2. i have two email account. one email use standard port for POP3 & SMTP, another email (gmail) use port 465 & 995. so did i need to add port 465 & 995 in Port Setting? Sorry i this question has been answer before. Im totally newbies about firewall i just want my laptop safe from hacker :]. Thanks. KIS 6.0 Version, Wix XP SP2.
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