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  1. Help.... Regarding the problem previously, that I mentioned my KIS take forever to scan. Is it due to clash with AVG Internet Security?? So, what should I do? Remove AVG Internet Security?? And instead install AVG antispyware? Will this antispyware clashes as well with KIS, since it doesn't have Antivirus component in AVG antispyware? Or should I uninstall KIS, and buy KAV? Please advise... Thanx.
  2. Please help me with the below 2 questions:- 1st...What else can Kaspersky Internet Security protects the pc from? Other than virus, trojans and worms? Can it also protect against keyloggers? spyware? Adware? 2nd...What is the benefit / better of the latest version of Kaspersky 6.0.4 compared to the older one, Thanx.
  3. I just want to know whether my problem is due to my laptop old already? Or is it because of KIS?? And if you said that it's because of my old laptop, then why is it that I don't have problem with my other progammes?? Please advice. Thanx.
  4. Okay. I tried to install all those programmes, spyware doctor, KIS, and scanspyware, and all other programmes I got in my laptop, into my desktop at home. It seems that those problems that I mentioned earlier doesn't appear itself. So, does this mean that the real problem is with my laptop? Is it my laptop too old already? I bought it around year 2000. Can you suggest what is the good computer to buy? What brand?
  5. If I uninstall scanspyware and spyware doctor, so, what you suggest i should use? Also, why previously for the past few weeks, I have no problem with KIS working together with Spyware doctor and scanspyware?
  6. What I don't understand is, previously for the past few weeks, I have no problem with KIS working together with Spyware doctor and scanspyware. But the problem arised yesterday, after I download the latest signatures profiles. Why?
  7. Dear mod, please help me. My pc has scanned for more than 12 hours now. Still at 35%. At MSOCache directory. Is it Microsoft Installation files? How to remove them?? Also, how to deal with the so many pop up of proactive defense warning? Thanx. I don't know why I failed to upload the sysinfo.txt here. But here's the link:- ftp://beta.kaspersky-labs.com/307749392/
  8. This is my latest proactive defense report file. This warning will pop up every time, like nobody business.....very annoying. Please help me. And my laptop has been scanning for more than 10 hours now, and still moving from one file to the other like tortoise, in MSOCache directory. file1.txt
  9. My problem started after I downloaded their latest signatures yesterday, when I was still using the version 303.
  10. I am having two problems now. 1st, I followed what you said, remove KIS (through safe mode using removal tool) and install KIS 6.01.411 After that I re-scan my laptop again and now I have the same problem again. The laptop again is at 100% CPU usage, and scanning one by one file in MSOcache. 2nd, I kept getting all sorts of non-sense alert from proactive defense protection. But, I just "deny" all. A copy of the report is as attachment. Please help me. What to do? whatthis.txt
  11. Another question:- The box proactive defense protection appear. If I want to allow it, which one I choose? Terminate, deny, or skip? I remember choosing "skip" and I ticked the box "apply to all". So, does that mean, every time, it will "allow". How can I change it. I do not want to allow "all" Thanx.
  12. Okay, this works. And now my spyware doctor script is corrupted. And I need to reinstall my spyware doctor too. Anyway, will I encounter the problem after I start scanning my pc again? I am very afraid to scan my pc again.
  13. No it doesn't go away. And I have to crash shutdown every time. Attachment 1 is before I exit spyware doctor, attachment 2 is after exit spyware doctor. And I can't even exit KIS. The system just won't shut it down, because of high cpu usage. Okay. I managed to exit KIS after waiting for few minutes. It's as attachment 3. Please take note of the arrangement. From left to right is picture 3, 2 , 1
  14. I turned off the programmes as you said. But still the same. I even uninstall my KIS current version, and download and install the latest one 6.01.411 But still the same. What can I do? Why previously, I can scan without problem?? Please help...
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