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  1. Thanks for the update. I guess this when my sub runs out I will go to free anti-virus. I have friends that run free programs that are compatible with FF14. Why would I continue to PAY for a program that makes me constantly buy new versions just to use all the features I bought in the first place?
  2. Is there an ETA for a fix for Firefox 14, so that URL Advisor, and Virtual Keyboard will work with it?
  3. I had the same problem and the above worked perfectly for me. To add to this: I have been beta testing Guild Wars 2 and my computer had the whole 15+ Gig client as a fragment at the end of my drive. It would not defragment. After following the above instructions, my windows defragged all the Kaspersky files AND moved/defragged the whole 15 Gig Guild Wars 2 client. Amazing! Thanks so much for this fix mfn!
  4. After doing more searching, it really looks to me like Digital River.com gave me an expired 2011 license even though I ordered a 2012 (and it confirms my order for 2012 in my email from them). I could be wrong, but the activation key they gave me still shows that it is for Internet Security 2011 in the My Account page on Kaspersky's site. *EDIT I did a google search on Digital River and now I am really scared, there are pages of issues people are having dealing with this company.
  5. Tried this, but it won't activate my code, it just sits at the "contacting server" screen. I put in a ticket to get it looked into and received an auto-reply. I went back into MY Account and it shows no tickets to manage. *sigh*.
  6. It looks like the license number I received in my email, for my newly purchased 2012 product, is different than the license for what is currently showing when Kaspersky gives me the popup windows that I posted in this topic. The version of Kaspersky showing on my computer is 2012; I am not sure why the activation code shows as 2011 in the "My Account" area though... I am beginning to wonder if I should uninstall and redownload the product..although Digital River probably won't let me at this point. I think I'll be paying extra for the disc next time....
  7. Should I link this topic in the helpdesk area, or start anew? I wasn't sure if it mattered, or if there was some sort of protocol with that. *EDIT I went to the MY Kaspersky account area and entered my activation code and it's showing as the 2011 version of the software, even though the email I received from Kaspersky shows I purchased the 2012 version......
  8. Here is the system info link: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e8450e0a0f59ead Yes, system date and time are correct. I have installed 2012 only on one other system and that was my laptop. Had a HECK of a time getting it done through digital river as it wouldn't let me install - I forgot the reason it was giving me, but it was a major headache. The version I am using is a digital download. I upgraded from the 2010 version I believe. I still have my original email with activation code etc. I am using Firefox for my browser, but IE is still installed on my system. Thanks for the replies. *EDIT: I remember what happened with the download. I was having trouble with my Internet connection and I had to stop and restart my digital download multiple times. When I went to install on my 2nd computer (this is a 3 computer license), Digital River kept saying "too many download attempts". Eventually I just ended up downloading straight off from Kaspersky's site.
  9. I got a pop up today from Kaspersky showing a license number, and saying that my Internet Security 2012 license had expired, even though in the same message it showed my license expiration (correctly) as expiring in august of 2012. I tried clicking on "update subscription status" and it won't connect to the server. I tried clicking on "insert your activation code here" on the pop-up and it doesn't activate a window or anything. Any hints would be appreciated. I've attached a pictures of the popups Thanks. *edited to fix pics*
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