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  1. Poss Support Hello, Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business 4.0 is not a decryption utility, it's a protection tool. Once your files are encrypted, it's hardly possible to decrypt them.
  2. Hello tembo441 Please try to clean up possible leftovers using kavremover and reboot, then reinstall. If the problem will not be solved, please collect GSI report and attach it to this topic. Thank you!
  3. kathmandu64 Please disable KART's traces: open Settings-> uncheck "Enable tracing" checkbox. Then open "logs" folder and simply delete all files inside using Windows Explorer. Please notice that you are still using beta-version and it is strongly recommended to uninstall in an install release version of the product.
  4. Вижу, что у вас не последняя версия KART. Попробуйте обновить до версии 2. Потребуется переустановка, брать отсюда: https://go.kaspersky.com/Anti-ransomware-tool.html Для скачивания нужно заполнить форму.
  5. Hello, do you have any other AV solution installed on your server?
  6. I guess you can ask sales managers about this. Here is technical forum, this part is dedicated to https://go.kaspersky.com/Anti-ransomware-tool.html
  7. Hello, KART's functionality is fully included both in KIS 2018 and Kaspersky Security Cloud.
  8. Hello, previous attempts didn't helped to locate the root cause of the bug. Please enable traces in KART's settings, restart, reproduce the problem and send us: 1) files from "C:\Users\All Users\Kaspersky Lab\AntiRansom\logs\" (PM, or attach files here, or use any public source), 2) files from "C:\Users\All Users\Kaspersky Lab\AntiRansom\protected\data" foler. 3) GSI report Hope this will help to locate the error. Thank you!
  9. Once your server was infected with arena ransomware it is impossible to recover data as soon as arena uses strong encryption. Please change your passwords and disable RDP if it was enabled to prevent future infection/
  10. Hello, You can try existing dharma decryptor, http://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/VirusUtilities/EN/RakhniDecryptor.zip May be it will help. But I doubt it can recover files encrypted by arena ransomware.
  11. Hello Nishant, 1. Which Kaspersky product did you have installed on your PCs, (and on what OS, I guess win 7 smth)? 2. Do you have any remote admnistration tool such as TeamViewer, RAdmin, etc or Remote Desktop connection enabled on infected PCs?
  12. Have to agree with richbuff. BTW, guys who asking about solution, how about to provide info I requested? The way of infection/attack looking is questionable now.
  13. Please check this out: https://sensorstechforum.com/arena-files-virus-dharma-ransomware-remove-restore/ May be it will be helpful.
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