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  1. how you updated your drivers , using thirs party or windows management or hp support assistant ?
  2. You need to create a bootable usb to use kaspersky rescue disk. 1. Download rufus 2. Open and select iso. 3. Click on start , it will format and copy files to usb. It will ask write in iso or dd image mode , you had to select iso mode.
  3. Had you updated your network drivers ? I had also got a bsod on another laptop but after drivers update . problem cease to persist.
  4. Sir you were using old version of Kaspersky as you said you had installed from product cd or dvd. Kaspersky release update for its products on website so always use updated installer.
  5. Also, This problem is already fixed by kaspersky. You need to download new program file from kaspersky website and install it and run a update using Google dns. If you are using windows 10 redstone 1607 you had to install kaspersky 2017 product. facebook error happened due to inproper configuration of dns. A. Set google DNS in settings of active network connection: 1. Press the Windows Logo + R on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Run Menu. 2. Type in 'ncpa.cpl' (without the single quotes) and press Enter. 3. Right click on the connection. 4. Choose properties 5. Scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) 6. Choose Properties. Please add Googles public DNS IP addresses below to the DNS Server section for "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)": B. Perform in elevated cmd: 1.Hit the Windows Key + X to launch the Windows 8 Power options. 2. Choose Command Prompt (Admin). This will launch the command prompt. 3. Type in the following, pressing ENTER after each line: netsh winsock reset netsh int ip reset all netsh winhttp reset proxy ipconfig /flushdns Restart the PC. Now run another database update and check to see if the issue is resolved. 3. Reboot and check the issue.
  6. Here is GSi report http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...60f284efbbaf036
  7. Hello I had installed Kaspersky Internet security 2017 and using browser firefox and everything is up to date. Browsing is too slow and scrolling the page some time stop working. Windows is anniversary updated version 14393.10. Please fix the issue.
  8. i had sorted out the problem here https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=352490
  9. Hello Recently Kaspersky had released a patch " C " for kaspersky Internet security 2016. Product which i am using is Kaspersky Internet Security 2016. Recently i had enabled Kaspersky Private browsing Protection feature and set it to block all tracking. When i had enabled Private Browsing Feature , Facebook starting to display weird problem. So i had started some research and found that something is not good with with some script which kaspersky inject into browser to check tracking. If i un-tick traffic processing facebook start to work normally. Seems like Kaspersky Script need to be updated.
  10. For linux system: Open terminal: Download kaspersky Update utility: wget http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/products/english/special/kasp_updater/updateutility_lin_en_3.1.0-25.tar.gz --2016-03-25 12:52:46 -- http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/products/english/special/kasp_updater/updateutility_lin_en_3.1.0-25.tar.gz Resolving products.kaspersky-labs.com...,, Connecting to products.kaspersky-labs.com||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 9337944 (8.9M) [application/x-gzip] Saving to: “updateutility_lin_en_3.1.0-25.tar.gz” 100%[============================================================================ ==================================================>] 9,337,944 9.93M/s in 0.9s 2016-03-25 12:52:47 (9.93 MB/s) - “updateutility_lin_en_3.1.0-25.tar.gz” saved [9337944/9337944] Extract file: tar -zxvf updateutility_lin_en_3.1.0-25.tar.gz [Change file name as required] Change directory: cd UpdateUtility_lin_en_3.1.0-25 hopefully you had installed all required libraries: yum install qt-x11.i686 yum install libXdmcp.so.6 use above commands to install librairs as these are required by utility to run. First run of utility: ./uu-console.sh -u -c -u update -c show classes [ optional] [root@l UpdateUtility_lin_en_3.1.0-25]# ./uu-console.sh -u -c ; --- Product: Update Utility3.1.0.25 --- KUUC, UPDATER, SUPD index/u0607g.xml ,ADB,ADBU,AH,AHI386,AHX64,AK6,AK7,AKP8,AP,APU,APUM,ARK,AS,ASTRM,AVS,BB,BB2, BLST, BLST2,BSS,CORE,DNSCLN,EMU,HIPS2,INDEX60,INFO,KAS5,KAV12,KAV13,KAV2006EXEC,K AV8WS E E,KAVLOTUS,KAVMAC,KAVWSEE,KDB,KDBM,KES10,KHSE,KLIFPPCFG,KLMS,KMSH,KSE8,KSH8 ,KSN, K SNM,KSOS2,KSRM,KSVLA,KSVLA3,KSVLASVM,KTS9,NEWS,PARCTL,PAS,PAS4,PAS5,QSCAN,R D,RET R ,RM,RT,RTAK7,SCO,SMH,SSA,SW2,UDS,UPDATER,VLNS,VLNS2,VLNS3,WA,WM,WMUF,WNSTAT index/u1313g.xml ADBU,AH,APU,ARK,BB,BLST2,CORE,EMU,HIPS,HIPS2,INFO,KAS5,KAV14,KAV15,KAVMAC,K DB,KD BD,KES10,KFPE,KHSE,KLIFPPCFG,KSC,KSCP,KSE,KSH,KSN,PARCTL,PAS5,QSCAN,SCO,SSA ,SUPD , SW2,UDS,UPDATER,VKC,VLNS,VLNS2,VLNS3,WA,WMUF Downloading started Downloading: updater.xml.klz, Total downloading: 0% Downloading: u1313g.xml.klz, Total downloading: 50% Downloading: klp-1313g.xml.klz, Total downloading: 50% Downloading: upd-1313g.xml.klz, Total downloading: 53% Downloading: kuuc-1313g.xml.klz, Total downloading: 53% Downloading: locale_products.ini.mud, Total downloading: 53% Downloading: updater.xml.bab, Total downloading: 53% Downloading: statcfg.xml, Total downloading: 59% Product configuration was updated at 3/25/16 1:15 PM Total downloaded: 100%, Result: All_files_are_up-to-date It will update the supported product list. Now we had to edit updater.ini , go to component setting and had to mark required product to " true" or you may create a new file using any name and copy paste below content example : newupdate.ini I had set Kaspersky internet security to yes. KasperskyInternetSecurrity_16_0=true [ConnectionSettings] TimeoutConnection=60 UsePassiveFtpMode=true UseProxyServer=false AutomaticallyDetectProxyServerSettings=true UseSpecifiedProxyServerSettings=false AddressProxyServer= PortProxyServer=8080 UseAuthenticationProxyServer=false UserNameProxyServer= PasswordProxyServer= ByPassProxyServer=true DownloadPatches=true [AdditionalSettings] CreateCrashDumpFile=true TurnTrace=false AddIconToTray=true MinimizeProgramUponTermination=true AnimateIcon=true ReturnCodeDesc=All_files_are_up-to-date [ReportSettings] DisplayReportsOnScreen=false SaveReportsToFile=true AppendToPreviousFile=true SizeLogFileValue=1048576 ReportFileName=report.txt DeleteIfSize=true DeleteIfNumDay=false NoChangeLogFile=false NumDayLifeLOgFileValue=7 [DirectoriesSettings] MoveToCurrentFolder=true MoveToCustomFolder=false UpdatesFolder= TempFolder= ClearTempFolder=true [UpdatesSourceSettings] SourceCustomPath= SourceCustom=false SourceKlabServer=true [DownloadingSettings] DownloadDataBasesAndModules=true [ComponentSettings] DownloadAllDatabases=false DownloadSelectedComponents=false ApplicationsOs=1 KasperskyAntiVirus_13_0=false KasperskyAntiVirus_14_0=false KasperskyAntiVirus_15_0=false KasperskyInternetSecurrity_13_0=false KasperskyInternetSecurrity_14_0=false KasperskyInternetSecurrity_15_0=false KasperskyPure_12_0_1_288=false KasperskyPure_3_0=false KasperskyTotalSecurity_15=false Kaspersky_Security_13_0_2_458=false Kaspersky_Security_14_0_0_177=false Kaspersky_Security_15_0_0_226=false KasperskyRescueDisk_10_0_29_6=false KasperskyRescueDisk_10_0_31_4=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForWinWKS_8=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForWinWKS_10=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForWinWKS_10_SP1=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForMacOSX_8=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForLinux_8=false KasperskySmallOfficeSecurityPC_9_1_0_59=false KasperskySmallOfficeSecurityPC_3=false KasperskySmallOfficeSecurityPC_15_2=false KasperskyAntiVirusWindowsWorkstation_6_0_4_1611=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForWinFS_8=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForWinFS_10=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForWinFS_10_SP1=false KasperskySmallOfficeSecurityFS_9_1_0_59=false KasperskySmallOfficeSecurityFS_3=false KasperskySmallOfficeSecurityFS_15_2=false KasperskyAntiVirusWindowsServer_6_0_4_1611=false KasperskyAntiVirusWindowsServerEE_8_0=false KasperskyAntiVirusWindowsServerEE_8_0_MR1=false KasperskyAntiVirusStorage_8_0=false KasperskyAntiVirusLinuxFileServerWorkstation_8=false KasperskySecurityforVirtualization_1_1=false KasperskySecurityforVirtualization_2_0=false KasperskySecurityforVirtualization_2_0_69=false KasperskySecurityforVirtualization_3_0=false KasperskySecurityforVirtualization_3_1=false KasperskySecurityforVirtualization_LA_3_0=false KasperskyLinuxMailSecurity_8_0=false KasperskyLinuxMailSecurity_8_0_mp1=false KasperskyLinuxMailSecurity_8_0_mp1_cf1=false KasperskyAntiVirusLotusNotesDomino_8_0=false KasperskyAntiVirusLotusNotesDomino_8_0_1=false KasperskyAntiVirusMicrosoftIsaServers_8_0_3586=false KasperskyAntiVirusMicrosoftIsaServers_8_5=false KasperskyAntiVirusProxyServer_5_5=false KasperskyAdministrationKit_8_0_2048_2090=false KasperskySecurityCenter_9=false KasperskySecurityCenter_10=false KasperskySecurityCenter_10_sp1=false KasperskySecurityMobile_10_mobile=false KasperskySecurityMicrosoftExchangeServer_8_3=false KasperskySecurityMicrosoftExchangeServer_8_6=false KasperskySecurityMicrosoftExchangeServer_9_0=false KasperskySecuritySharePointServer_8_2=false KasperskySecuritySharePointServer_8_3=false KasperskySecuritySharePointServer_9_0=false KasperskyAntiVirus_16_0=false KasperskyInternetSecurrity_16_0=true KasperskyTotalSecurity_16=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForWinWKS_10_SP1_MR2=false KasperskyEndpointSecurityForWinFS_10_SP1_MR2=false KasperskySecurityforVirtualization_LA_3_2=false KasperskySecurityMicrosoftExchangeServer_9_1=false KasperskySecurityMicrosoftExchangeServer_9_2=false KasperskySecuritySharePointServer_9_1=false KasperskySecuritySharePointServer_9_2=false KasperskySecureMailGateway_1_0=false [ShedulerSettings] LastUpdate=@Variant(\x10%\x7f\x81\x3\xa5\xb1\xee\xff) ShedulerType=0 PeriodValue=1 UseTime=true Time=@Variant(\xf) Monday=true Tuesday=true Wednesday=true Thursday=true Friday=true Saturday=true Sunday=true [SdkSettings] PrimaryIndexFileName=u0607g.xml PrimaryIndexRelativeUrlPath=index LicensePath= SimpleModeLicensing=true finnaly run update using command: ./uu-console.sh -u if you had used custom ini use below command: /./uu-console.sh -u -o <filename> Attachment: updater.ini and updater.xml There are lot os system config missing even after running update. You had to add them manually in updater.ini. There is no change required in update.xml as it is updated one as we had updated it from kaspersky using first run. updater.zip
  11. Please follow this https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=348023
  12. Hello Most of users , facing problem with kaspersky update utility as they are not able to select 2016 products in utility. To fix this problem, you had to download Kaspersky Update utility and extract it. Download : http://support.kaspersky.com/updater3#downloads After extraction you had to run update without selecting any Application. It will update the supported product List. After Update you will see " list of supported products updated". Click on Applications and select your desired application. Download product updates only Some people prefer to download product updates or databases only and they do not want to download product modules. To skip product modules being downloaded click on setting , then click on Download and untick " Download product modules"
  13. Hello I am facing problem with BSOD error on window xp. Operating System: Window Xp Sp3 kaspersky: kaspersky Total security 2016 Mini101115-02.dmp 10/11/2015 10:47:34 AM UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP 0x1000007f 0x0000000d 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 kltdf.sys kltdf.sys+4c62 TDI Network Connection Filter Driver [fre_wnet_x86] System Interceptors PDK Kaspersky Lab ZAO 32-bit kltdf.sys+4c62 kltdf.sys+44b0 kltdf.sys+440a kltdf.sys+8bda C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini101115-02.dmp 2 15 2600 122,880 10/11/2015 10:49:00 AM BSOD dump file had been attached. Thanks and Regards Saurav edit: del key from screenshot. dumps.zip
  14. is there direct link to download ? i had got kaspersky pure installed already had 2 month subscription left. When it will be over KIS 2014 will be activated. http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english/homeuser/kis2014/ kis14.0.0.4651abcdefg_en_6623.exe seems like latest link with patches
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