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  1. Wesly, If you have any GOG games, especially the more modern ones with brackets in the names, you will not need a link. If you have not bought any games, links cannot be provided as that is not how they are accessed. Cheers DrT
  2. I will try your first suggestion in a few minutes and the second item is already ticked. Fingers crossed! UPDATE:- Give that man a ceegar! That option did it! Many thanks. Same offer of a pint goes to you. Cheers DrT
  3. @ dh27564 Unfortunately, your idea did not work. KAV still appeared in the log as above. I'll still buy you the pint as I will need somebody with whom to commiserate ;-). Cheer DrT
  4. What a brilliant piece of lateral thinking! I'll give that a try later and see if it works. If it does I'll owe you a pint of proper beer the next time you are in North London! Cheers DrT
  5. According to the PerfectDisk (PD) log file, it shows that the performance hit is due to an antivirus program scanning the drive (as stated in my original post). So there is evidence for my statement. maybe those Win 10 dudes should check their PD logs? I bet they have not. I am using Win 8.1 x64. Here are the relevant lines from my log:- 180708-09:47:37.58 DefragFs: Received Illegal Open, failing with error 0xc00000a2. 180708-09:47:37.59 Name: '\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\KASPERSKY LAB\KASPERSKY ANTI-VIRUS 19.0.0\dummy.tmp'. 180708-09:47:37.59 DesiredAccess: 0x1. 180708-09:47:37.59 Disposition: 0x5. 180708-09:47:37.59 Options: 0x1000. 180708-09:47:37.59 Origin is system process -- probably ExWorkerItem 180708-09:47:37.78 DefragFs: Received Illegal Open, failing with error 0xc00000a2. 180708-09:47:37.78 Name: '\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\KASPERSKY LAB\KASPERSKY ANTI-VIRUS 19.0.0\dummy.tmp'. 180708-09:47:37.78 DesiredAccess: 0x1. 180708-09:47:37.80 Disposition: 0x5. 180708-09:47:37.80 Options: 0x1000. 180708-09:47:37.80 Origin is system process -- probably ExWorkerItem 180708-09:47:37.80 DefragFs: Received Illegal Open, failing with error 0xc00000a2. 180708-09:47:37.80 Name: '\PROGRAMDATA\KASPERSKY LAB\AVP19.0.0\dummy.tmp'. 180708-09:47:37.80 DesiredAccess: 0x1. 180708-09:47:37.80 Disposition: 0x5. 180708-09:47:37.80 Options: 0x1000. 180708-09:47:37.80 Origin is system process -- probably ExWorkerItem 180708-09:47:37.81 DefragFs: Received Illegal Open, failing with error 0xc00000a2. 180708-09:47:37.81 Name: '\PROGRAMDATA\KASPERSKY LAB\AVP19.0.0\dummy.tmp'. 180708-09:47:37.81 DesiredAccess: 0x1. 180708-09:47:37.81 Disposition: 0x5. 180708-09:47:37.81 Options: 0x1000. 180708-09:47:37.81 Origin is system process -- probably ExWorkerItem It is KAV, according to PD support, trying to scan my drive that is stopping PD boot time defrag from proceeding as quickly as it should. As I also said in my original post (sheesh, I wish people would read carefully before posting) uninstalling KAV returns the boot time defrag to its usual speed. QED
  6. I use Perfect Disk v14 for defragging my disk. It has a boot time mode. When used on my active OS partition, the PC has to reboot to do the defrag. I have a problem that it takes a LOT longer to analyse the disk (5 mins per % point) than it should. I have contacted Raxco support and they say that the logs show that my KAV is scanning the disk and that is what is slowing things down. Uninstalling KAV brings the boot time defrag's speed back to that expected. Uninstalling KAV just to do an OS boot time defrag is not practical. Is there any way to stop KAV scanning at this point? Thanks in advance.
  7. "Bump". Only these installers are affected and freeze my PC making it a real pain to install any of these games. Cheers DrT
  8. I have many games from GOG.com and KAV is causing a problem with them. Trying to install a game or even right-clicking on it results in an hourglass and windows explorer apparently hanging. If one waits long enough, and that can be some minutes, the game starts to install or the right-click menu appears. It can even take a good while for the correct icon to appear. Turning off KAV protection removes the delays totally. Not all installers seem to be affected. Does anybody have any ideas what is going on? Cheers DrT
  9. Hi Wesley, Thanks for your reply. I realize that what you said is true. But when searching, I come across things like https://support.kaspersky.com/6984#bat which sxhows that there is some better functionality. On items earlier than that, there are press releases that mention integration of KAV in The Bat!. Thanks DrTeeth
  10. Hi, I have searched the forum for information on how to integrate KAV with the "The Bat!" email program. I have only come across threads that are so old as to be irrelevant. I would be grateful for any info on this even though this may not be needed as there is real-time scanning by Kaspersky anyway. Thanks DrTeeth
  11. Hi, That is my experience too, except that your site did not produce am error here. Cheers DrT
  12. Also, plus what is asked in the post above, I know what the OP means and it drives me nuts too! It is a warning, usually for safe sites, that says that there is some risk and the message pops up (just like a UAC box) dimming the background with an option not to warn the operator for another 30 seconds. It's really daft andf annoying. To the OP, you are not alone. Cheers DrT
  13. Hi richbuff, Many thanks for your answer. Your help is much appreciated. Cheers DrTeeth
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