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  1. Hi, Is it possible to initiate KES stand alone package installation from Windows CLI silently without disturbing the users? Thanks.
  2. Hi, We have KES Advanced Security License and Kaspersky Security for Windows Servers 10.1 is installed on all of our servers including MS Hyper-v. How can we protect our HP SAN Storage, VHDs and Windows File Server from Ransomwares? We have already enabled KSWS Anticrypter on all the servers. Is it enough? If yes then how can we test the encryption protection? Thanks.
  3. Through internet it is working. But through KSC it is showing "Event Task "Kaspersky For Windows Servers Database Update From Admin Kit" completed with error happened on computer Server1 in the domain domain on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 7:30:05 AM (GMT+03:00) Task failed. Task name: Kaspersky For Windows Servers Database Update From Admin Kit. Thanks.
  4. Hi! I created a task to update databases and modules of Kaspersky for Windows Servers from admin kit but when I am opening the console it shows "Application Database out of date" as per attached. If this is due to the local update job in the server which I disabled then what is the correct way to disable it? Thanks.
  5. Hi! I configured KES on my PC Log the incoming ICMP requests and show them on screen but it is also showing messages coming from KSC Server going to different pcs on the network. Like if my machine IP Address is and KSC Server is, the Antivirus on my machine is also logging the ICMP traffic going to other pcs as well like, 103, 104. I also have KSC Console installed on my machine. Thanks.
  6. Hi! Is it possible to include Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server Console together with Antivirus while creating installation package? Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Does Exchange Antivirus need a separate license? If yes then can we install Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server on Exchange Server as we don't have License for Exchange Antivirus? Thanks.
  8. Hi! Which version of KES should be installed on Windows 2012 Domain Controllers, Exchange 2013 and File Servers? One Domain Controller is physical and one is virtual. Exchange is virtual. File Server is physical. If we install Endpoint Security 10 for Windows then there is no firewall included in it. Will it be safe? Any Suggestions? Thanks.
  9. Hi, One of our servers is stuck due to 100% CPU Usage caused by avp.exe. KES installed on a Windows 2008 R2 VM. How can we stop AVP.EXE if the antivirus is not showing up in task bar? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. Can Kaspersky Security for Virtualization be installed on Hyper-V Server as well and can we manage it through KSC 10 or we need to install a separate console for that?
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