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  1. Several attempts to update the KIS 2014 database still shows error and database and applications out of date! How to repair, without having to reinstall KIDS 2014. Thanks!
  2. Currently running Firefox Nightly 64bit (26.0a1) and just updated to KIS 2014. Everything is running just peachy! :cb_punk:
  3. Just checked and it's set. Also noticed that many advanced settings have been removed. Don't know why Kaspersky Labs did that, as many settings were important and useful! Cutting corners, are they?
  4. Just (clean) installed KIS 2014 and went through all the settings to configure everything as they should be. Noticed a couple of things. 1) Does KIS update automatically? There are No update Alerts or Notifications in the Taskbar. I've been doing Manual updates on a regular basis. 2) Some features have been excluded from 2014 including alerts for various functions, to include Malware detected, License expired and the usual notifications found in previous versions of KIS. Will these notifications and the ability to select them be included in the future? Apart from all that, the protection is flawless as always.
  5. Geesss!!! Ask a simple question and get a Star Wars episode! Should have known better! :pray:
  6. You could have booted in Safe Mode, access the file, then delete it. That would have saved you a few headaches! I had a similar problem with another program that refused to "take a permanent hike", so Safe Mode did the trick! :supercool:
  7. It's always best to completely uninstall any previous version of Firefox or any other Browser, Search the Registry for any remains, then reboot and do a clean install. Keep in mind that Mozilla installs Files and Folders all over the place in Windows Explorer, so it's always a good idea to search there, then delete those defunct Folders! This avoids any confusion on KIS's part! It's always helpful to use a good Uninstaller, such as YourUninstaller Pro or Revo Uninstaller to clean up your system as best as possible. Still, Search the Registry afterwards for any remains! Glad to know your problem has been solved! :cb_punk:
  8. This has probably been asked and answered but I'll give it another go. Is there or will there ever be a 64bit version of KIS for Windows and 64bit Browsers., ie Firefox? Thanks! :cb_punk:
  9. Does anybody know if a license for Kaspersky One will work with KIS 2013? What AV is included with Kaspersky One? KAV or KIS? I don't have a Tablet or a Smartphone and was given a copy of Kaspersky One, but have KIS 2013 installed on my system. Thanks!
  10. Mozilla is forcing us, whenever they discover a bug/flaw in their current release, they recommend that WE update to the current version! Question has been asked, but never answered... Why on earth can't Kaspersky Labs keep up with the current releases of Firefox and make THEIR add ons work with Firefox?? Better still, why can't Kaspersky make their add ons compatible with ALL versions of Firefox? No other Browser has this issue, so why is Firefox being solely targeted?
  11. I did contact them, over three days ago and didn't receive a reply! I replied to the original e-mail sent by George O. and still waiting to find out where the screw up occured!
  12. Installed KIS and currently using Firefox 16..0.2 and the Following KIS features are disabled. Content Blocker Kaspersky URL Advisor Safe Money Virtual Keyboard. I have the latest Stable Release of Firefox, therefore those features should be working. Anti Banner is enabled, so why not the other features listed above?
  13. Received a replacement license from Tech Support, but it's only valid for 70 days? What's that all about? I had a valid one year license, but Tech Support said it had expired and sent me a replacement. How do I get a full one year license? Thanks! :supercool:
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