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  1. message sent with links to dmp files Thanks
  2. is there another way to send the info as it's too large to message Thanks
  3. KES was removed after the problems, is that no good
  4. Hi 3 Machines that have KES and agent 10.5.1781 are getting BSOD with message System Service Exception tcpip.dll Not happening on all machines and only seems to be since we upgraded KSC and rolled out the new version to the workstations. Dan
  5. i'm going to check if we have any more emails doing the same thing so we can test. Thanks
  6. i'm guessing the Outlook add-in? it seems to have stopped for the moment, but emails in the inbox were opening as drafts and not allowing a reply to be sent, with the to and from boxes at the top as described. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have also been having this problem, seems to be a bit random and on 5 machines so far. KSC 10.3.407 KES Agent 10.3.407 Outlook 2013 Windows 7&8 One machine had the random problem at first, the a new one yesterday and another two machines today.
  8. So, with KES installed I get storm of WPAD Broadcasts seen in WireShark, and with it removed Broadcasts stop. Any idea how to stop?, I have Proxy set to off, so it shouldn't be generating them? Thanks
  9. Hi, Broadcasts stopped after removing KES Thanks Dan
  10. Hi Some machines seem to be doing lots of WPAD requests / broadcasts, I have removed KES and the problem stops. Running " with update a" I have turned "Use Proxy" off in policy and checked on Client machine, but using Wire Shark, I can see it's still happening e.g. 152950 64.863288000 LLMNR 64 Standard query 0xe5f4 A wpad 152951 64.863379000 LLMNR 64 Standard query 0x3931 AAAA wpad Machines I have checked all seem to have Windows 8 so far. Any ideas? Thanks Dan
  11. Moving the PDC role to the server i'm installing on does the trick, Thanks :-)
  12. Hi, Installing on a Domain controller as this is the only server in the site, trying to install latest version 10.1.249
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