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  1. I have KAspersky Total Security 2019 and it is blocking trusted websites that games use. I have added every site and link to Trusted and the exclusion list and sites are still blocked. I have tried full sites with /* after them to include changing URLS and sites are still blocked and show up as blocked in the Kaspersky logs. Every year KAspersky come out with new version and every year Kaspersky gets worse and worse to control. I am at the point now that when my current license is done I will likely switch to another company. Support tries to help but it seems like a game they play. I contact support and first rep says its beyond his/her skill and it goes to level 2 tech. Then they want all the tests and sometimes say it is a virus which is total BS. I play EverQuest 2 and KAspersky is blocking the website that the game uses internally to download pre-cache files. I have whitelisted or trusted every exe file and every website I see show up in logs and they are always blocked by kaspersky. Since the game does not open a browser to download the files the Kaspersky Heuristic Analysis seems to be a piece of Garbage and that Kaspersky ignors trusted and exclusion settings no matter what. It would be nice if Kaspersky would fix the issue and when fixed stop releasing new versions that are garbage. I had next to no problems With Pure 3 but all versions after that are poor. Anyone have any idea how to make kaspersky total security 2019 ignore what I trusted in its settings and even excluded settings? Thanks in advance Gren
  2. Hello richbuff, Thanks for that fast reply to my post, i appreciate it. Now what you said does that include programs from github? As there are 2 programs that seem to be only on there as its home/dev site. I am always looking for new things to try so I normally get lots of free/open source or trial software from various sites. I have lots of time on my hands so i like to tinker and find new programs to use and if I like purchase them. Would getting vmware player to run unsure programs be safe if that past virus scans, or would your same answer as before apply? Thanks Grenpara
  3. Hello, I have Kaspersky Total Security 2018 for pc and i have a question. If I have a program and I scan it for Viruses and it come back clean/no virus does that mean the program is safe to use? I scanned it with Kaspersky and multiple online virus scanners and each shows it as clean. So does that mean it is safe or could there be something in it still that could do harm to the pc? I got a program from a site similar to cnet but dont recall the name of the site, thou it could be Sourceforge or filehippo. I know some other sites similar to cnet sometimes have programs not safe or contain malware or pups which is why I am asking. I have never before downloaded from those sites before so i want tot be sure before I install and run it. Thanks in advance Grenpara
  4. Hello Rogier, Thanks for the reply to my issue. Yes I have all the latest versions of each software package. I have all windows updates and drivers as well as firmware on my hardware. Not sure what else I can do. Thanks Fred
  5. Hello, Thanks for the info, it is a good idea about sending a pm to a mod. I will attempt that as well and cover both bases, thanks again for the help. Thanks Gren
  6. Hello, Well I don't use 2012, that was just the only forum threads on Photozoom that showed in the forum. I run KIS 2011 as i never use beta software. Anyways I did as you suggested and sent the link using the support ticket system. Thanks for all your help. Gren
  7. Hello, Thanks for the fast reply to my post. Yes Photozoom 3 & 4 are set to trusted. Version 3 had problem so I upgraded it to version 4. Also as I said I searched the Kaspersky forums and found this link http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?act=S...te=%2Bphotozoom in they talk about Photozoom with Kas 2012. I am running KIS 2011 but read the threads which confirms to me an issue. I got the GSI software and ran it fine, but I do have a quick question or two before I post the link. I looked at the link information window and there is a lot of data and other objects listed in it such a true ip network ip and other info. My concern is posting it in an open forum does not seem to be very safe since it lists open ports the ip's and other vital info. That would mean the whole forum could see everything which worries me. Also in the list it lists incompatible software, I had previously tested Photozoom and kaspersky by using msconfig and disabling all non-windows startup and services except kaspersky, and the issue was still present. It may not show in the list as I tested it months ago, and I run several scrubbers to remove old events and all log traces and other files and info. As for Eset Online I never even knew it was on the system so I just uninstalled it. My biggest issue is having to much vital information sitting in plain view for all to see. So I am guessing that I post the link for GSI and risk trouble, or I dont post it and suffer. Neither of which is a good option for me. So for now I guess I will have to let this issue stay unfixed, as I really can't take a chance on posting such vital info. Thank you so much for your help, and sorry for wasting your time. I guess I will keep googling and hope I can find a fix. Thanks again Gren
  8. Hello, I am posting as I have an issue with KIS 2011 crashing when using PhotoZoom Pro 3 & 4. Is this a know issue? I see some posts on the forums in other languages and one in english for Beta 2012 in relation to crashing with Photozoom. Thanks in advance Gren
  9. Hello, Oh that is it, I missed it as i was used to it in the taskbar. Thanks for your help in this matter. Thanks Fred
  10. Hello, I had KIS 2010 which had a great feature in the taskbar to block all internet access, was and is a great feature. But the brains at Kaspersky have removed that feature from KIS 2011, for some stupid reason that i dont know. My question is does anyone know and software that can be used to simply block and unblock all internet access? I just need to be able to block and unblock at random times, such as going out for a few hours or at night when I go to bed? I know i can unplug the lan cable or use windows firewall or even the router but i want a quick way, using software. You might ask why i dont go back to KIS 2010 and the answer is because on all 3 of my computers KIS has not worked with Thunderbird email for a long time. Now at least KIS 2011 works with thunderbird. Thanks in Advance Gren
  11. Hello, I am running Kaspersky internet suite 2010 and i have a question about allowing and blocking internet/network access. I need to be able to block network access at random times but always all the network printer to be used. I am running Windows Vista home premium 64bit if that matters. When i right click the Kaspersky icon in the task bar there is a "block network traffic" which works great, but I have one problem i cant figure out. I need to be able to block network access but allow my network printer to be accessed, and i have been unable to figure out how to do so. Is there an easy way to block all network access but allow the network print to be used, and if so how do i set kaspersky to do it. Please Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Gren
  12. Hello, Thanks for the quick reply, I read all of the log as I have lots listed in it from Outlook scan errors and many other items listed under the various sections. I just wish there were some patchs to stop the reports from listing some of the items. Anyway thanks again. Gren
  13. Hello, I am running Kaspersky Internet Suite 2010 and in my Kaspersky report under "Self Defense" I have lots of the following showing up all the time as listed below are just a few. 1) 19/10/2009 1:07:38 AM Denied Windows Task Manager Open C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2010\avp.exe 2) 19/10/2009 11:01:08 PM Denied Kaspersky Internet Security Modification REGISTRY\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP9\Trace\Default 3) 19/10/2009 11:02:48 PM Denied Host Process for Windows Services Open C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2010\avp.exe 4) 19/10/2009 11:05:22 PM Denied Logitech G-series Profiler Open C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2010\avp.exe All the above seem to be listed as Trusted in my settings yet my reports sometime have a lot of thoses items listed as denied. How do i fix as i am sick of my reports being full of denied items under self defence. Thanks in Advance Gren
  14. Hello, I have the exact same problem my log is full of these stupid read errors. Hope there is a fix for this issue. Thanks Gren
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