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  1. Segue link correto do klremover e como utiliza-lo: http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208281075 Abraço
  2. Dê uma olhada na pagina a seguir http://www.kaspersky.com/support/corporate Tem cursos para diversas versões do AV. Abraços
  3. Roberto utilize o KLremover para remoção de instalações defeituosas. Agora acho que mudou o nome e é KAV_Registry_Clean.exe Abraço
  4. WallyL Good Afternoom! All of your machines are cominicating with the new admin kit? The Machines with both versions of network agents (8.2090 and 8.02134) ?
  5. Somebody Knows if the new version of admin kit 8.0.2134 works properly whith the old admin kit - 8.0.2090? I'll upgrade my admin kit next week and need know that my client will work fine, because i will upgrade the network agents one by one?.
  6. Meu problema foi resolvido. Os drives de Rede ja nao estavam para ser escaneados. Removi mailbox do escopo de verificação. Obrigado a todos.
  7. Amjad I did this but my msn don't blocked totaly! How I can block MSN by web access, The way that you told-me is just for block the aplication msn, right?. My users are using MSN by WEB Messenger, What I can do to solve my problem?. Tkanks in advance.
  8. I've tried at AntiHacker, is possible, but users use websites, which need to be blocked completely. Somebody Knows?.
  9. Send an email detailing for newvirus@kaspersky.com, to sites that contain phishing. For sending malicious files, use the same email, and compress the files with the password infected. For Spam use: spam@kaspersky.com
  10. Desculpe pela demora. Apos remover a opção de scan de mailboxes do full scan o problema foi resolvido. Acredito que não criei uma falha de segurança, visto que todo e-mail recebido é analisado pelo antispam do kaspersky AV. Obrigado. Alexandre Pacheco
  11. Victorm Now the scan is wotking fine. I Disabled the object mailboxes from Full-Scan Task, this resolved my problem. IMHO this configuration don't affect the enviroment Security, cause when I receive e-mail, my antispam client from kaspersky AV examine the mailboxes. Thanks for Help. Alexandre Pacheco
  12. Thanks Victor! No problem ...My Brazilian English is bad.... I Disabled the object mailboxes from Full-Scan Task... Let's see...Tomorrow....Is the D Day... I'll inform you about the results.
  13. Agora entendi. Estava pensando que sua pergunta era a respeito do server. Nos workstation temos o modulo antispam habilitado. Que modulo é este webmail? Eu desconhço, tem-se antivirus para paginas WEB, seria isso?. Abraço.
  14. Victor Good Afternoon! The option of my scan e-mail (Parse email formats) is already unchecked. Question: If I exclud the items %systemroot% of my scan, is not a security vulnerability?. Thanks for the Help.
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