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  1. As I read the IStreams docs, it says that a new virus database update, that is newer than the last time a file was scanned, will cause it to be rescanned, unless the file is old enough to be considered dead and safe... So, does the dropping number of files imply that his AV database is not updating, or that the files are all more than a year old, or?? I think that was the lines of his question... Don
  2. I am currently logged in with just "user" privileges, and KAV update works fine, and scanning works fine. I am on KAV 5.0.372, so I think it is fairly likely that upgrading will solve your problem. Don
  3. I would think, that you should go into services, and open up the properties for kavsvc, and give it a log on account of administrator, or whatever. Is that what you tried already? By the way, many folks here have commented that this very latest version is a lot lighter on resource usage, than the earlier versions, so there are other reasons to upgrade as well. Don
  4. Hi Mike! I saw that too. I guess it means that I could reasonably exclude specific signatures from mail scanning. But it is meaningless to exclude files or dirs, from mail scanning, is it not? Thanks, Don
  5. By the way, when Kaspersky deletes files, it keeps copies in "backup", not "quarantine", so you can restore from there, if anything got deleted incorrectly. Another option, for the spybot archive, is to set kaspersky to exclude the directory from scanning. For me, if one of my machines was this badly infected, I would format, and reinstall. Any instability, or extra long pauses, always leaves me wondering. You may want to take a look at the processes running in task manager, and google on any that you don't recognize... Good luck, Don
  6. Hah! I was wrong. It is a non standard port for earthlink! Looks like there is no way to set KAV personal for different ports... Just for the record here: OS: win2k sp4 english + all patches email client: thunderbird 1.0.2 english SMTP settings: smtpauth.earthlink.net, port 587!!!, use name and password YES, use secure connection NO firewall: none but router conenction: Cable over router
  7. Hey Saso. Wow, now I'm back to a quandry. It is not working for me, on a total fresh scrub down reinstall. And it is not working for the support guys at us.kaspersky.com! What OS and rev were you using? I almost wish you had found it just doesn't work. Then I could stop worrying that there is something fishy about my installation here. Thanks for your help! Don
  8. Hey Saso. Looks good, thanks! Maybe I should just switch over to the beta! Were you using an email client, other than outlook? Looks good, if so.
  9. I agree, it looks like there is no smtp scanner. Just some "outgoing mail' scanner with outlook. KAV personal just has on/off for scanning outgoing mail. It is disabled by default. I enabled it. Without smtp scanning, a threat that got in here, could send out emails to my address list, (another reason not to use outlook), unopposed.
  10. In the details, for setting exclusions, you can select "on demand", "real time file protection", and/or "real time mail protection". "Real time mail protection" would seem to apply only to streams of data, such as pop3 and smtp. What could it possibly mean, to exclude files or directories from "real time mail protection"? I have made sure not to set it on anywhere, by the way. Don
  11. I have just got confirmation that Dmitry, at us.kaspersky.com does not get any smtp scanning either, with thunderbird. It is a totally standard smtp port - at earhtlink.net. Yes, eicar is picked up every time by on demand scan, or realtime file protection, or incoming email. It should be picked up during smtp scanning, and it is not. I suspect that smtp scanning just flat out does not work for anything but OE... It is very easy to be fooled by realtime file protection, into thinking that smpt scanning is working. When thunderbird sends mail, it copies attachments to the temp directory, and KAV can catch it there. But for this test, I excluded the temp dir, from real time file protection only, and the viruses can go right out. Don
  12. I have now scrubbed my system to formatted disk, and reinstalled everything, and smpt scanning does not work. I think smtp scanning just does not work at all, unless you use Outlook or OE... So it is not really smtp scanning at all. Don
  13. My problem, is not speed of response, but usefulness. I've been using support@us.kaspersky.com, and unfortunately, it has been my responsiblity to help train the tech there, in how KAV works, and what the difference is between realtime file protection and smtp scanning. I just wasted 8 hours, rebuilding my PC software from a fresh format, based on an incorrect statetement from them, that smtp scanning was working for them with thunderbird. It turns out, they just didn't bother to read the popup, that said real time file protection, and did not bother to read the reports, to see there was no activity in realtime mail protection! This is just plain laziness, or is it worse? I should not know more than them, as a 4 week user of KAV trial.
  14. KAV personal 5.0.372 on win2k sp4++ I have smtp scanning enabled in the real time mail protection settings. Yet, I get no smtp scanning. I can email out eicar.com, and it does not get caught until it comes back in. Can someone try it? You do have to exclude the eicar file, or directory, from realtime file protection, (and maybe your temp directory), to be able to attach the file. But nothing is excluded from real time mail protection. Thanks, Don
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