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  1. Is it in the General Home Users > KIS & AV for Windows Forum?? (Google Translator does a great job there but can not find it)
  2. Same problem here. Same error code. The typical fix for this error code is to make certain that Volume Shadow Copy Service is running and set to Automatic. Mine is. This is a perennial Kaspersky problem. It has occurred on older versions of KIS also. Installed KIS 2017, i.e., the latest version, but had to temporarily uninstall it and boom -- bye bye System Restore. I have been searching for a fix but have yet to find one that I dare try. Fixes that are said to work involve the use of command prompt and a complicated string of entries. Kaspersky is the greatest, but not great enough to trade-off System Restore. But it's too late for me and others now. I made a restore point immediately prior to installing KIS, but it was preventing me from viewing certain websites, a certificate issue I suspect that I didn't have time to mess arounds with last night, so I uninstalled kis with the Kaspersky UninstaLl tool. I wanted to revert my system to pre install immediately after uninstalling KIS, but could not, so I know that KIS caused the problem. WIN 1067 64X OS This is now, and has been in the past, a common problem with KIS so it would be nice if Kaspersky Labs published a generic fix for each Windows OS, rather than being told to email support.
  3. Hi :-) This morning I received an email titled: "You have a new personal message ( Kaspersky Lab Forum )" The text read in part: "HOK, thomhamon947 has sent you a new personal message titled 'Become Vip member only today.Christmas offer.' You can read this personal message by following the link below: [Link]" The email came from:" Kaspersky Lab Forum <forum@newforum1.kaspersky-labs.com>" Clicking on the link brought me to what appeares to be The KIS Forum Page, but in the center was a blue bordred box stating "To cliam your benefits take the following survey" In the box were three stupid questions, e.g., "Who has the best hamburgers?" and two more that made little sense. So I clicked on ""Who has the best hamburgers?" That tried to take me to a page that was blocked by either FireFox or AdAware stating that it was a known phising page. So what's the deal with this. Is it legit or an attempted scam with a false positive warning ? //edit: Merged. Please scroll up.
  4. I have never had a problem updating Tune Up 2013 with KIS 2014 installed during the two years I used Tune Up, which I have since uninstalled. However I have had the same problem with another program on my PC which KIS never before gave me a problem with. Because of some quirk in a recent KIS update or in the game I most frequently play, which I have played with KIS installed for two years, I am now unable to play the game with KIS installed, no matter if I use trusted or untrusted and no matter if I make all possible exceptions in KIS. No Mattewr what I try I cannot access the game's server. It was with great sorrow that I had to uninstall KIS and am currently using a demo of what is supposed to be a top rated program, but which I consider to be far inferior to KIS. I intend on reinstalling KIS soon, as my current subscription has some time to go to see if the issue has been resolved. I don't know for sure if the issue is with a change in KIS or a change in the game, but the best I was able to determine it was the KIS Firewall that was the cause. I have been using KIS so long I feel naked and exposed without it. The game plays fine with all other security suites except one, and in that one the exception process is just too complex and long, and does not offer the degree of overall protection to be worth the bother to make exceptions for the game file by file. Luckily the game has become somewhat boring over time so I just might pull it and return to KIS, in any event. KIS protection rocks and no other security suite comes anywhere near the KIS firewall, which in independent testing is rated extremely close to the best of the stand alone firewalls. My problem now is that perhaps the KIS Firewall has become a bit over-exuberant. BTW:Last night I acquired Tune Up 2014 from a website because it was offering an extremely low price. When I re-install KIS I will try to see if I experience your issue.
  5. I made payment with a credit card. Kaspersky is very up-front and clear about it's auto-renewal policy. You really have to try to not see it when you make your order. However, there are many company's who are notorious for their lack of integrity about their auto renewal policy. One of Kaspersky's top competitors processes it's on line sales through a company who is shady about it's auto renewal policy -- vague language/fine print kind of thing. They have built themselves a notorious reputation for not honoring cancellation of their auto renewal policy, and make it very difficult, if not impossible, to correct the company's wrongs. In some cases it has been necessary to seek help from support on the company's product forum to resolve the issue. Your firewall vendor was a sneaky company that either does not does not inform it's customers or your eyesight is not good enough to read the tiny-tiny fine print on the ordering form. I have never before heard of an instance where cancellation of an auto renewal had to be made via paypal. BTW, taking money from a customer who did not agree to buy it by some hidden/hard to find or non-existent notice of any kind of an auto renewal is a criminal act.
  6. Tonight I received notification from that Kaspersky USA/digital river that it has cancelled my auto-renewal. I received a second email confirming the auto renewal. While I consider this to be excellent customer service, the wording of the notice of cancellation is unclear whether the cancellation was done today. It did not say that my cancellation earlier this year has been confirmed. I suppose, hope, that they just repeated the cancellation process even though that should have not been necessary. In any event, excellent customer service from the US sales arm of Kaspersy, the best and most dedicated security company.making the highest quality security products in the industry. I would expect no less from a company whose name is that of the CEO and and its founder. It's a matter, among other things. of a proud tradition and pride in maintaining the highest reputation of the family name.
  7. Hello:-) This morning I received an email from Kaspersky USA/digital river offering an early renewal offer for KIS 2014. In the email it stated that when I subscribed to KIS I ageed to the auto-renewal policy, but that I could cancel that auto renewal by clicking a link in the email and using the password included in the email. The link is, I suppose, to the cancel auto renewal process. The link in all my browsers is totally dead, non-responsive, takes you no where. Basically what is called a link is not a link. Moreover, I cancelled my auto - renewal months ago. I am an attorney in Washington DC, I wrote an angry email to KaspersiyUSA/digital river reporting the situation and made it very clear to them that I if my subscription is auto renewed I would be totally outraged and file lawsuits against Kaspersky USA in every appropriate court, and file formal complaints against them with the Federal Trade Commission, and every other appropriate law enforcement and regulatory agency at the state and Federal levels. I have developed a deep sense of justice through my schooling and profession at the very soul of my being, I despise fraud and criminals with a deep passion, having been a victim of criminal fraud in real life. Despite anything and everything you have ever read about EULA's, forget about it. Recent Federal Court decisions make it very clear that under appropriate circumstances they are worthless as a defense against legal actions For me this would obviously not be about the money because my time and expenses involved would out-weigh the cost of a subscription, which I would most likely buy in any event, but not from Kaspersky directly, by possibly a 1,000 times or more. For me , any action I would take if KasperskyUSA/digitial river failed to honor its previously acknowledged cancellation of my auto renewal, would be a matter of principal and matters of principal are holy wars that are never settled out of court because it is not about the money involved. It might be that the email sent this morning was generic and lacked precision in its meaning and applicability to me personally. But it might not. Naturally, I would rather not that I be forced to take any action action action the US sales arm of Kaspersky, a company I have always held in the highest regard. Is there any way to get assurance that my auto renew has indeed been cancelled other than through my Kaspersky Account or is there a way to gain access to my Kaspersky Account without having KIS installed on my PC, which it currently is not.? At the present time I can not nor will not reinstall KIS 2014 for a variety of reasons. And in this case the burden is on them to do the right and lawful thing
  8. Typically my browser freezes or opens successive green screens suggesting use of protected browser. Have never seen any error dialogue.
  9. I have had KIS 2015 installed since day1. My most recent install is on a clean reinstall of Windows 8; I have found it impossible to complete an order on Amazon.com with it installed. This happens whether or not I use Safe Money or not. When I get to the final page to actually place/pay for the order, KIS shows a green page suggesting that I use a safe browser, but whether I choose the safe browser or the other option I never get back to the page to finalize the order. Typicallly w/o KIS installed when I click on finalize order I get taken to a page where I have to re-enter my Amazon password. This is the second time I have reported this issue. As I am in a rush atm and this is on a totally clean install of Windows 8, I will not be providing a getsysteminfo. This is for reporting the problem only, I want to use continue using KIS as I have for years but it now requires an uninstall of KIS and install of an inferior securitry product whenever I want to place an order with Amazon.com. [iMHO all other security products overall are inferior to KIS.]
  10. I have been using SM for over a decade. The new updated version made available last week is the buggiest version of SM I have seen. The Program Accelaerator defragger which I ran nightly on the earlier version now crashes at some point every time I use it. It disables two of my start-up programs and does not allow some of my tray icons to show,among other things. I have been in contact with Iolo support so often the past week it's now like we are personal friends. I say this only to point out that it may not be KIS that is causing the issue. What functions do you use on Active Care? Some of those function affect the basic operation of other programs on your system and the new KIS System Watcher may be blocking Active Care for that reason. The "optimize start-up configuration" that prevents certain unneccesary programs from starting, for example. Other than that I can offer no help because I have had to at least temporarily uninstall KIS because it is not allowing some types of proprietary video players at sites that I sometimes visit to operate. I do not recall about the 2015 version, but for years SM was listed as incompatible with KIS. I had always assumed this was because the Pro version of SM included an a/v program, but perhaps there were other reasons. In the non-pro version there is the System Watcher with the barking dog icon that is disabled by default and warns you of any changes to your system. That could be another reason for it's in the past being on the incompatible list. I ran SM with KIS for years with no apparent issues. I hope you figure it out-SM is a very useful jack-of-all trades utility (once they get all the bugs out of the new version, which they will.)
  11. Well this KAV/iTunes user tried this and it did not work. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6453104 This would not be the first time Apple put out a bugged product and remained silent on it. I suspect he participates on ths forum also. Remember, posters on the Apple community support forums are not Apple employees and one should not assume they know what they are talking about. I don't think they even have knowledgeable Moderators as we have here who have the technical knowledge to offer non-official-Kaspersky solutions to common problems.
  12. I find it strange that there are pages and pages of complaints about disnoted causing high CPU usage dating back to 20009, and yet I see no official response/solution from Apple. There is apparently a totally unofficial devised solution published on the net by an unknown person that many claim has worked for them. If you dare risk it, it it can be found in one of the many threads discussing this subject and is demonstrated in a video on the net. It appears to require more technical knowledge than that possessed by the average computer-user's technical experience because it requires a command line prompt and then a restore of certain iTunes functions. It involves a netsh winsock reset. While many claim it has worked for them it apparently has also resulted in additional issues for a couple of users. If you you dare risk an unofficial Apple fix published by an unknown somebody of unknown expertise, it's out there if you look hard enough for it. The technical "expertise" demonstrated by many internet posters being what it is, proceed with extreme caution, if at all.
  13. FWIW: One thread discussing this issue was started in 2011, with the last entry being April, 2014. This strongly suggests that the problem is not being caused by KIS 2015. Being an Apples discussion, I'm not sure if the following is any use to Windows users but some in the thread say that the problem is related to "GNU Emacs", which I assume is a process, and shutting down GNU Emacs on their system cured the high CPU usage by disnoted. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/341600...=0&tstart=0
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