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  1. You are great I've checked again network configuration, and noticed that network mask was set incorrectly. Setting proper value corrected the problem. Thanks for everyone for help
  2. Yes, I know that agent is running - but it has no reason to be "outside softax network". I've checked network settings. Question is why it cannot connect to AK server ?
  3. Unfortunately installing version 2090 doesn't help. Still got same errors.
  4. It's not license usage problem. I've 80 licenses and only 54 used. regards
  5. I've found same problem on Windows 7 (64bit) running KAV Errors in event log and agent "behaviour" is identical. Does anyone have any idea ?
  6. Hello I've got Admin Kit 8.0.2048 and client computer with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations MP4 (v Client computer is freshly installed - fresh Windows XP SP3 and KAV installed using installation task from Administration Kit. Everything works fine - but Admin Kit reports that client is "out of control". I've tried to solve it by running klmover - but it's still "out of control". It connects "once" while running klmover - and never again. Other computers works without any problems. I've found in very strange message in Kaspersky Event Every 10 seconds klnagent reports error "get_ConnectionData in roaming mode called !!!". Has anyone idea how to fix it ? And what does mean this strange message ? regards. below is output from klnagchk: Starting utility 'klnagchk'... Checking command line options...OK Initializing basic libraries...OK Current computer is 'SOFTAX0\KOZIOLEK' Network Agent version is '8.0.2048' Reading the settings...OK Settings verification...OK Network Agent settings: Administration Server address: '<Not connected>' Use SSL connection: 1 Compress traffic: 1 Numbers of the Administration Server SSL ports: '13000' Numbers of the Administration Server ports: '14000' Use proxy server: 0 Administration Server certificate: missing Open UDP port: 1 Numbers of UDP ports: '15000' Profiles Profile name: 'Inside Softax' Administration Server address: 'klserver.softax.local' Use SSL connection: 0 Compress traffic: 1 Numbers of the Administration Server SSL ports: '13000' Numbers of the Administration Server ports: '14000' Use proxy server: 0 Enter mobile user mode: 0 Locations Location name: Softax network Profile to use: "Inside Softax" Subnet: one of DNS server: one of Location name: Outside Softax network Profile to use: <Profile for mobile user> Subnet: none of Synchronization interval (min): 15 Connection timeout (sec): 30 Send/receive timeout (sec): 180 Host ID: Attempt to connect to the Network Agent...OK Network Agent is running Receiving the Network Agent's statistical data...OK Network Agent's statistical data: Total number of synchronization requests: 0 The number of successful synchronization requests: 0 Total number of synchronizations: 0 The number of successful synchronizations: 0 Date/time of the last request for synchronization:
  7. It's system information report. Computer is in "receiving updates" state from Monday. (4 days) Few questions to davinci: - would you like tiny,small or full dump file (trace file) ? - or maybe I need to dump memory of avp.exe ? regards systeminfo.zip
  8. Hi How to do create these report and dumpfiles ? regards
  9. I've Administration Kit 8.0.2048 and about 40 computers running Kaspersky version and a few computer running new version Almost all computers running 6.0.4 have same problem. avp.exe is crashing with error "memory could not be read". Problem is probably related with running "full scan task". Almost all computers running new version have this problem and it happens on Windows XP SP3 and also on Windows Server 2003 SP1. The worst is that Kaspersky stops responding any further actions. I runs infinite loop "receiving updates", eats a lot of system resources (mostly disk resources). I cannot stop it neither remotly (using Administration Console) nor localy. The only way to stop is to restart Windows. After restart everythink works fine - until next crash Has anyone any idea how to fix it ? regards.
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