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  1. Thanks for your reply.. Now the another thing I wanted to know that If I install KAV with the key and again format the PC then again install KAV with key... will the license re-use or detect as new one....
  2. Basically I have two office networks in two different locations, first network has One Windows 2k3 server and installed Admin Kit with 18 clients and second network has only 6 clients, (no server/admin kit)....... that means now using 24 licenses... My question is, how many clients can be added in the network? (may be one!!)..... if somehow excites the total 25 users limit then what will happen? will be the key blacklisted? pls make me clear about this......thanks again
  3. As far I have understood that Administration Kit will only report within the network, but if the license is activated in another network, then what will happen? I am afraid of this..!!! Pls give me some helpful link so that I can clear it....
  4. Thanks for your info....but how can i be sure that my key is safe...? i mean if i exceed the user limitation (more than 25 user) then will my license be blacklisted?
  5. I am using Kaspersky Business Space Security 25 Users Package, my question is how do I check that the same License which I have is currently in use.... Admin kit is showing in the network License status, but is it possible to check online if it is using outside of the network? Because I don't want to make Blacklisted my License key.... Any Help Appreciated!!!
  6. As I have experienced that I have this problem only with Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS filter..... coz when i disable this option from Lan properties then my problem solved............ so anyone hare have any idea about this solution....
  7. Hi. I am using Kaspersky Antivirus 6 wks for my office pcs, and suddenly in a morning few pc stoped network activities coz of ip address blocked and no ip address is showing in the lan connection status field.... it happend several days in the morning whn pc starts in several pcs....... whn i change the ip (2/5 times) then it got the ip and start work. so, any proper solution will be appreciated..... and thanks in advance....... Rgds/ Hassan
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