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  1. Just a quick question or to check to see if: Did you go to Setting/Performance and added a check mark to "Gaming Profile" ? This has helped a lot people when playing games in a Full Screen, it tells K. to keep quiet (sort of) while one plays their games. Good luck
  2. When using Firefox 44.0 with Adblock Plus, NO pictures on the right side. When using IE 11 , No Problem, All the the vendors logos show up. So it could be Chrome's built in adblock feature that is blocking this. Hope this helps
  3. Also, This might be reaching but it works with games and other applications, worth a try: Click on Start button, Open your KIS Folder, Right-Click on Kaspersky Internet Security, click on Properties, click on the Compatibility tab, put a chekmark in the box "Disable display scaling in high DPI resolution" then click Apply and then OK.
  4. Also, which version of KIS do you have. When I had KIS 2015 I had to Right Click on the Red K icon and choose Settings, then in the Left column, choose Protection, then Firewall and I removed the Check-mark for "Notify of Vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi Networks" to stop the warnings. But with KIS 2016 I did not have to remove the check-mark and I no longer get the warnings. Good luck
  5. While waiting for the next patch, to get your Virtual Keyboard to work, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced Tab, ….. Scroll all the down to the “Security” section and remove the Checkmark “Enable Enhanced Proteced Mode” Then click on Apply and OK, shut down your IE 11, re-open it and then give your V.K. a try. Note: Some people had to Restart their computers for this take in effect, I was a lucky one and didn’t have to reboot. All works well with this checkmark removed and I trust Kaspersky’s protection more than any other Browser’s protection so I do not miss this feature from IE11.
  6. Just curious as what you are trying to burn? I have Nero Burning Rom 12 + KIS 2014 + Windows 8 64 bit and have no problems burning CDs or DVDs, granted the only thing I haven’t tried burning yet are Movies and I most likely will not burn movies so I cannot help you there. Do you have the latest Nero verion = Nero version 12.5.6000 Good luck
  7. Google Toolbar should't cause a problem. Do you have problems with other YouTube Videos? Do you have a problem with othe Non-Youtube videos on the Internet? or is just with YouTube Vids. You might want to check your Internet speed. Well that is it from me on this one. Best of luck and hopefully others will come along with more info.
  8. In my opinion that is all you need, if you want a bit more assurance depending on how nervous you are, you can download the FREE Malwarebytes and run it from time to time, but again, KIS is all you need.
  9. Your welcome, the only other thing I can see is your “Ask Toolbar” could be giving you problems, I would remove this toolbar since it can cause conflicts.
  10. You should not loose your passwords,etc. if do not put a checkmark to "Delete your Personal settings"
  11. Well kudos to the Kaspersky Lab they answered and very quickly I might add and they noted that it was indeed a False alarm and that they would fix it in the next update. again thanks to Richbuff for your help and guidance in this matter. Take care Ray
  12. Ok, did what you instructed, then installed the game but before playing it I did a Quick Scan and K. snapped up One file, just the one (win_mouse_pointer.ani) and sent it to Quarantine. I have *sent a request to the Lab to look into it and I will wait for their response. Ray *The Old fashionned way
  13. Hi Richbuff, Thanks for your quick reply, I will give this a try and post back. Take care Ray
  14. I tried to download a game from a reputable site and KIS Quarantines the file: “PahelikaRvSetupDEMO.exe” and after checking with 2 reputable Game forums in which I participate, nobody seems to have any such troubles with this Demo. When I go to the K. Quarantine window and right-click on the Q. file in question and choose “Send for Analysis” the K. applications freezes up and I have to Reboot my machine. Is there another way around this problem? Thanks in advance for your help. Ray edit: duplicate removed.
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