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  1. Yes indeed, but I have some news. This could be linked to the FDE driver. I will try to do the test.
  2. Hi, I saw the same case and even if you totally quit Kaspersky Endpoint 11, the problem is still here. The only solution is to uninstall KES11. It's urgent to escalate the problem!
  3. Hi, I saw some positive feedbacks about BitLocker but I have a question, if someone can help me: If Bitlocker is already installed on PC & Servers, can KSC10SP2MR1 understand this information and used it? Thanks in advance,
  4. Hi, Windows 7 Enterprise I suppose? About 8.1 & 10, pro version? Thanks in advance,
  5. Just a few words to tell you that KES10SP2 with FDE (Kaspersky) is working fine with a DELL Latitude E5570 (previously not compliant with KES10SP1MRx)! And it's fast (no SSD drive). Keep up the good job!
  6. Hi, After the creation of a new package in KSC10SP2 Fr 10.3.407, all the old plugins are gone See attachment. BR
  7. To complete this post, in the best of worlds, if we could add/remove some competitor products here it would be great!
  8. It's not really a SP1 feedback (same in 10 & MR1), but you need to know that 99% of our certified resellers don't understand why (by default) there is no notifications on screen threats detection...
  9. Feedback from some resellers: Is it possible to have a special icon when a PC or a server is an update agent?
  10. I don't really understand why the storage key has moved... I think there are too many subjets and informations on "applications & vulnerability" section now.
  11. Hi, I don't really understand why you delete the column Agent/Endpoint with the famous +/+! Our resellers and customers like and are attached to this feature. So now you have 2 informations about the Agent and if you want some intel about Endpoint you need to scroll on the version column. It's not really clear!
  12. Hi guys, I tested it and I confirm that it's not compliant (can't compile the kavmonitor...). Thanks anyway!
  13. Thanks but concretely, do you have a walkthrough or something like that to help me?
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