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  1. Well it's been a few days and no contact from anyone at Kaspersky Labs Thanks to everyone for the help. I installed some other IS software today to test and had no problems with the updates or activation. Kinda strange only KIS6 gave me problems I need to get all of the computers upgraded since the old IS software are going to run out in a few days on all of the computers in the house. Another $300+ a year for IS Yikes!!! I will try KIS again next year. I hope I have a better outcome then. Thanks again to everyone for the help! John
  2. Hey Don, Yeah I was not planning on doing that! hehehe Thanks for the higher up help! John
  3. Hello Don and Blurr, Yeah I have no problem with any sites. Things are fast here also (791kbps up and 9.2mbps down on cable) via Toast.net I have no firewall on this computer at all. The windows firewall is disabled and so is all of the KIS6 protection. I'm on a LAN here behind a NAT. I would disable the NAT but it's not getting that far There are 9 other computers here with AV software installed and no problems with them getting updates. None of them are using KIS6. I wanted to try it first before buying them. I will keep digging and hope to find a reason for this strange problem. Thanks for the help John
  4. No, it was all clear. I used a packet sniffer and noticed KIS6 is not even trying to access the nic. No DNS and No http calls at all. I uninstalled and reinstalled again and still no go. I'm not sure what the problem is. It's got me stumped As for my host file it's clear. Only localhost. all zones are wide open. The system I am posting this from is the same system that's having the problem. I have tried ewido4, SB S&D, Windows Defender, On-Line scanner and Hijackthis and everything is normal. Not sure what to try next. Thanks John
  5. Ok here is a screen shot of the error: Some Pings from this system: Kaspersky.com / - 157 ms Yahoo.com / - 60 ms Google.com / - 48 ms Dell.com / - 67 ms Any help would be great. Thanks John
  6. I turned off the firewall and still get that error. Everything else works on this computer. (Firefox, IE6, FTP, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Windows Update and Netlab95) I'm stuck. Any help would be great so I can activate this for 30days before I buy it. Don't look good right now. John
  7. I have the same problem but I'm using KIS 6. Been working on it for 3 hours now and I can't get it to work. hmmmm
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