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  1. I use Kav Admin Kit with KAV Agent 8.0.2163 to install KAV client to my network machines. Whenever we do a first time install the virus defs are dated March 2010, so the first update takes a long time. How can I fix this? Do I make a new package or something? Thanks.
  2. User's KAV install keeps seeing the application sws.exe as possible riskware. Google search says sws.exe is a valid MS application although some search results indicated sws.exe is a form of malware or Trojan. Which is it? is it OK to create an exclusion for file on user's PC? otherwise we may have to wipe machine, as the malware remover I use did not remove it. Thanks.
  3. The last response was snotty. No, we don't have an image level backup of that server, just the databases that live on it. Normally a program isn't deleting critical files off it. I was able to find the missing file from an old backup when we upgraded the server and I'm sure there is also a copy in the quarantine folder, I will look for that today. It was just very bad timing as the finance people were running reports for an audit. I was just surprised that KAV is that aggressive. I've added an exclusion to the rules for that file. Thanks.
  4. Our CIO was trying to run a report from our finance server (he runs it from a shortcut directly off the server). For some reason KAV on his machine didn't want to let the app run (though it normally does for him and others). So I looked in his KAV install and it had flagged the file (an EXE) as quarantined and I tried to restore it. Somehow it deleted the file. Then we found it had deleted it from its folder on the server! instantly, no one could run a financial report. Fortunately I found an old install of the files from our system (FRX) on finance server and the EXE file was in there, thankfully same version as the vanished one. I copied it to original location and saved the day. Is this normal behavior for KAV client to nuke a file off a server that KAV is not running on? it could have been a huge problem if I didn't have a backup of that file.
  5. Thanks for the reply. What do you mean below by 'delete the bases'? Does that mean to remove the machines from a policy or uninstall/reinstall KAV? Thanks.
  6. Hi - I have a KAV Admin server and about 90 client machines. The machines are in groups which have a policy that includes keeping Web Antivirus feature turned on, and yet many machines have WAV not running when I do random checks. In some cases I can restart it, and in others it won't start at all. I will figure out how to fix that. My question is, if WAV is not running but Anti-hacker, Anti-Spy, and File Antivirus are all running, is a machine protected well enough? we don't need mail and spam antivirus because that is done on our mail server. Thanks.
  7. In the license repository list of clients on my KAV Admin server, I see the hostname of a machine that has since been renamed. I need to remove the old machine from the list of licensed machines. The new name is already on the list. How can I remove the old name? KAV admin kit version 8.0.2090.
  8. Thank you - I upgraded to version but I did not understand the rest of your reply. Do you know if this version contains protection against this flaw?
  9. Hi - does KAV protect against this vulnerability? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2501696 MS is supposed to issue a patch for it soon, but I am wondering if KAV will protect against it via a policy or automatically. I have KAV client. Thanks, Tim
  10. We have a Windows 7 client machine running KAV and it has not shown up as connected to our admin server since Nov. 11. Admin server is running ver 8.0.2090. Machine shows up in dashboard as having 'unprocessed objects' but both KAV agent and client are inactive on machine and it shows as disconnected. Nothing we have done from client side makes it show up again. Client logs into our domain via VPN, so removaing and pushing an install would not work. Any ideas? Thanks, Tim
  11. Hi - I had to rebuild a machine on my network and since I added it to its KAV Admin group, it has not picked up the default group tasks. It has its own tasks set up which I cannot modify or remove. Machine is under management fine, its tasks just won't match with the other group members. Looking for a solution. thanks.
  12. We have a server that's used for RDP access and it has KAV Server running on it. Because users are running remote sessions on it, we wanted the capability to enable email scanning on it but I see no email scan options on this version. is that something only included on the client versions of KAV?
  13. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to find the network monitor. I went into KAV client on machine, and the KAV administrator on server and can't find a network monitor. Also I don't have wireshark installed. Where can I find this? sorry for my ignorance.
  14. One user at my location keeps getting the attached message yesterday and today. His browser is not open. How do we stop this? Thanks, Tim
  15. Hi - my backup was working until early this week. I made some changes to policies but not sure how that would have affected it. The error when it fails says that the SQLExpress service needs rights to the network share. How do I set that up? For now I am backing up locally and moving the file to the share. thanks, Tim
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