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  1. I get the same version that you have written here in your message. That version is on my desktop as well as my laptop. The desktop is hardwired to my PC but the laptop is not - it uses my Wi-Fi from my router...or something to that effect. I'm not savvy with the tech lingo. When I turn on my laptop & access the internet, that is when I see the message that "Your Public Wi-Fi is insecure" & then it lists my Wi-Fi number. But it's not a "public" network so that's why I'm confused & concerned. Thanks,
  2. Please excuse my ignorance, but as I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "build", do I pass the mouse over the pop-up message itself? Thank you,
  3. Hi, when I turn on my laptop & open the internet access, I get a popup from Kaspersky that says my Wi-Fi network is insecure. Why is that and how do I make it "secure"? Thank you,
  4. Hi, thanks for the suggestion, however, it already says "sync is disabled". When I set up the Password Manager, it asked me if I wanted to disable the online password function & I said yes. So, I assume it is working because since I disabled the online password function, none of my usernames & passwords appear in their respective websites. However, the Password Manager is not populating these websites either. I seem to have other issues with Password Manager now. Should I now be placing this issue in another forum? Thank you, Lupe J
  5. I have sort of a similar question but not totally about freezing. When you say to disable the online password, do you mean the browser's options - Firefox has the option to save passwords so is that what you mean by the online version? I initiated the update to Firefox 20.0 but in order to do that, I had to disable the Password Manager plug-in - it said it would enable it when a solution is provided or something like that (I clicked the ok before writing down the message). Does this mean that the Kaspersky Password Manager is no longer enabled? I'm concerned about the freezing part if I need to go back & enable the browser's online password process. Should I uninstall the Password Manager in Pure 3.0 until Firefox finds a solution? I work from home so it's imperative I not have any system problems with my computer freezing.
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