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  1. Hi there. I keep getting email alerts from our Trend Scanmail about a virus in a protected attachment, maybe 2 or 3 times a month. They all seem to be from the same sender, to the same recipient, and are both internal addresses. What's this to do with Kaspersky you may ask. Well, the trend alert says the attachment name is "The attached file sn.zip was renamed by Kaspersky Security. File was password-protected or corrupted.txt Protected file has been detected,and Pass has been taken on 23/08/2010 11:52:15. Message details: Server: THOR Sender: xxx@xxx.co.uk; Recipient: yyy@xxx.co.uk; Subject: FW: Web order w22322 Attachment name: The attached file sn.zip was renamed by Kaspersky Security. File was password-protected or corrupted.txt However, we haven't used Kaspersky for a few months now, and it's been uninstalled and isn't unning on our e-mail server, or the client PC that relates to the sender anymore. The only trace I can find of Kaspersky are a few odd registry keys on our Exchange server that i'd rather just leave as they are because I'm not sure if it would cause a problem. There's certainly no kaspersky program files folders or services running anyway I can find. Anyone any ideas how it appears Kaspersky is renaming a file where Trend can pick it up. Could there be an archive or quarantine on the server left somewhere perhaps? Regards Carl
  2. I see from the report that all my Network Agents and Workstations now have 'a' for updates installed. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers Griff
  3. I think i'll take a look at this (if it's ok for UK use) as i've just come accross 6 machines back into the domain folder. They are mostly laptops too, I wonder if that's of any significance.
  4. Thanks for that. I just looked at that today to see what the story is so far. I've already removed half of my MP4 installations and gone back to MP3, so I'll wait for the official update I think. Most of the people that were complaining of slow machines are back on mp3 anyway. I've also been informed by my boss he's given up on Kaspersky and is going back to Trend. So i've no idea yet if it's worth playing around with Kaspersky.
  5. I've found it can sometimes take a while for it to pick up new machines. It may depend on how often, and what type, of scans you do. On a new machine, I tend to install the network agent manually using the setup in \\servername\klshare\packages\netagent folder. This then adds it into the admin kit for you quicker than waiting for the scan to happen. Cheers Griff
  6. Raymond, Thanks for that constructive reply. It's quite rare on forums nowadays. I had no choice but upgrade the Admin Kit as I had windows 7 machines, which required MP4. It seemed stable enough on ou test machines, so I rolled out the MP4 to departments over the course of a few weeks. I didn't have any problems at first and all was running fine. Maybe it's an updated pattern file, or module update from Kaspersky, or a windows update affecting some machines, but who knows. It's not all machines, just a few departments. They work fine with MP3, don't with MP4.
  7. That must be my problem. I wonder what i've configured wrong to get MP4 to run like a dog. Maybe it's down to using the advertised features of the AV software. It would seem you may be suggesting the admin kit policy conversion during upgrade doesn't work? Seeing as my MP3 clients and policies are fine. I don't believe that a lot of peoples computers running like a 3 legged horse after installing MP4 is down to a mis-configuration of a policy. People have tried switching almost everything off, and still had slow machines. Even exiting the AV didn't help. Only thing that helped was to remove MP4. My MP4 policies are as near as damn the same as my MP3 polices. I've even deleted and re-created them in case it was the auto converted ones causing issues. But still our PC's with MP3 work fine and fairly speedy, PC's with MP4 grind to a halt with simple tasks such as opening a Word document. Someone mentioned RTFM, when I tried that it a lot of it didn't match with what I had on the screen, when I asked about it I was told that the documentation was created at product release, and we updated since then and don't update the documentation. I must however add that the help from the guys on the forum has been great, and usually quite helpful.
  8. I'm in the process of doning that. Although, I'm doing it on a "complain about speed, downgraded the department" basis. I've already got enough things to do without having to spend time downgrading everyone's AV becuase it's made their machine unuseable.
  9. Yeah, seems to be a number of people experiencing it. (one example http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=146616 ) I'm slowly migrating back to the 6.0.3 MP3 version when ppl complain about their machine being unusable, and considering changing to another vendor when the year is up. It's a shame, cos I kinda like it when it's working, but the Enterprise version on our servers, and now this latest MP4 seem to really eat resources.
  10. True, but I assumed that as he is already using a Windows based admin kit, he already had a licenced Windows Server. Maybe I was wrong to assume.
  11. As mentioned, you're better off using WSUS to push out windows updates. It's free, and works great.
  12. I had something similar when I rolled out MP4. After pushing out MP4, my users got prompted to configure Anti-spam when they first ran Outlook. Odd, seeing as it was disabled by the policy. If they chose "no" to configure it, the message then went away. If they cancelled it, it just kept coming back until they either said yes or no.
  13. I just sent a request off to Kaspersky about another issue (A windows 7 machine constantly telling the user to restart) and in the support ticket version options, noticed it had an option for "Version Maintenance Pack". Is this some patch for
  14. You can try reinstalling MP4, remove and reinstall. I find removing it manually, then push it back out via the admin kit sometimes works. If it's still slow, then remove the MP4 version, and push out the MP3 to it. I'm in the process of pushing out 12 MP3 to our remote office since the MP4 bogged their machines down too much.
  15. I'm trialling re-installing Workstation MP4 to see how that goes. On our problematic machines, going back to MP3 appears to work as well as can be expected (with our Admin Kit 8).
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