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  1. Same issues here. Took me 4 days to figure out that KIS is blocking the reviews and by then I missed some black friday and cybermonday deals. Their js inject is slowing down browsing tremendously. This is the 3rd time KIS is screwing up my browsing in the last 6 months and each time I had to waste a lot of time and effort to figure out what's causing it. My license expires in 2 months and I'm sad to say that after almost 20 years of using Kaspersky, i'm going to switch to other.
  2. I have 3 PCs running KIS 2015, and none of them received b patch automatically. I have 2 other friends with 2-3 PCs each and they did not receive the patch automatically, I had to manually download it and install it on all these PCs.
  3. I remember that in the past, version updates of the same product used to be installed automatically and then ask for reboot. What I mean by that if I installed say KIS 2012 initial release, the next patches namely b,c,d,f,g used to install automatically. This is no longer the case with KIS 2015. There's not even a notification that there's an update available. What are we to do? Verify the forum every month to see if there's a new release available? If you don't install these updates automatically, as you should do, at least notify the customer that an update is available. Most customers are not technically inclined and never check for updates. Why leave them out in the cold when you can easily keep them up to date with new versions (minor or major) just like you do with databases? After all, once you purchase a license you get free updates for the length of the license.
  4. I'm running KIS since the first KAV version, may years ago. I recommended KAV/KIS to more literally hundreds of people. In previous versions on KIS, patches were installed automatically and we were prompted to reboot. It seems that Kaspersky has changed that and that is definitely a bad thing for customers. I recommend KIS to many non technically inclined folks, they never do any updates themselves, don't even know hoe to do it, and as such are running older versions, with bugs and possibly with security issues. When everybody is going with automatic updates these days, why would Kaspersky go against that trend? Blows my mind that a company of this size is unable to make this an option at install or enable automatic updates by default just like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe and dozens of other companies do. FYI has been available for download in the US for at least 2 weeks now. Go to product Downloads -> Software Upgrades -> KIS 2015 English (USA/Canada)
  5. I have KIS 2015 installed on 3 PCs and noticed that, unlike previous versions, this one doesn't upgrade itself to the minor versions for example from 15.0.0.xxx to 15.0.1.xxx or from 15.0.1.xxx to 15.0.2.xxx. I had to manually update all PCs. Regular database updates happen regularly without a glitch. Any idea why is this happening?
  6. It wasn't easy to get the GSI report with the CPU pegged at 100% but here it is. GetSystemInfo_THINKPAD_1_Adrian_2013_10_27_08_34_36.zip
  7. Uninstalling/reinstalling fixed webpage speed and safemoney issues but running Outlook 2010 is still causing the CPU to creep up to 100% within 10-15 minutes. What options do I have besides going back to KIS2013?
  8. I installed the latest KIS2014 couple of days ago and my laptop slowed down significantly right off the bat. All programs load slower, websites load significantly slower, Outlook 2010 CPU utilization slowly increases until it's using all available CPU resources. Closing Outlook and reopening it solves the high CPU utilization for couple of hours but eventually CPU goes back to 100%. I disabled anti-spam, anti-banner but see no difference. I am unable to get to any banking websites while SafeMoney is turned on, it just hangs and doesn't do anything. I can access the same websites with SafeMoney turned off. Due to bad experiences in the past with newly released versions, I waited for the 2nd service pack to be released, unfortunately this version is just as buggy. I just purchased a new 1 year licence couple of weeks ago and now I'm pretty :angry:
  9. Banks DO take into account leap years in calculating interest rates. And Kaspersky's way of calculating the license is screwed up big time. I have a 1yr/3 PC licence, two of them expire on the right day (didn't check the time) the 3rd one expires expires 18 days earlier than the activation date.
  10. I have a Verizon Actiontec MI424-WR and when secure keyboard add-on is enabled I am unable to login in the router. I can log in just fine if I disable the Secure Keyboard add-on.
  11. I purchased a the 3 PCs 1 year license package from a retail store. I downloaded the latest version at that time from usa.kaspersky.com and manually introduced the license code.
  12. I activated a one year (365 days) license on 11/2/2011. The license should have been be valid until 11/1/2012 but apparently Kaspersky has a different opinion. My KIS 2013 reports that the license expiration date is 10/13/2012 at 11:59:59 PM. That's 347 days by my calculations, 18 short of the promised 365 days. Why do you cut my license short by 18 days?
  13. Question is, why is Kaspersky self defense blocking a process that Outlook 2010 tries to run when starting up? What could Outlook possibly try to do to Kaspersky? My best guess is that Kaspesky's own anti-spam add-on is trying to access KIS registry and KIS is not allowing it. Problem is that this seems to be causing Outlook to be unstable, an issue i didn't experience when I was using 9.0.0736 version.
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