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  1. I think Nodava has a small shop to buy sweets to children, and I think he does not use a computer systems at all or he just using one PC to games, as he does not see any problem if the computer systems down for more than two days. I think Kaspersky should answer Nodava instead of us, if Kaspersky respect it self and their customers, but I feel that Nodava is an employee in Kaspersky and this make our problems more worse as Kaspersky still not respect their customers and itself.
  2. You can update server directly from kasper (not from admin kit then server) i tried that and until now its OK
  3. I tried the Update in 5 servers from 30 servers the CPU until now it Ok fine i will report any problem if appear
  4. you should waite to updates take negative effects in you server(15 mins) if not the problem may be solved but i am not expecte can any one from Kasper support can reporte that the problm have solved!!
  5. Now, I am sure that Kaspersky support is the most stupid, bad and careless support in the world.
  6. for this reason [And by the way our customers need their servers and can not wait annother hour] Kaspersky is NOT really great company :bravo:
  7. Really, I am surprised, a company like Kaspersky which have millions of clients are dealing with this type of urgent issue with a very bad behavior, I believe that Kaspersky will be out of the competition within less than a year. As this is a repeated bug in Kaspersky system and as Kaspersky did not interact positively with it, and as this type of bugs have a very bad consequences on the clients reputation, performance, and services. We believe that Kaspersky should compensate their clients for the losses that happened as a result of this inconvenience bugs and support, and we believe that each client should start searching to find a way to enforce Kaspersky to make the compensation. For the clients who still not faced this issue, I can tell you that you will not wait a long to face this issue, as this will happened soon, so it is better to start thinking on how to avoid it.
  8. you can rollback every server to last database signature (befor 24/10/2010) and stop the update from kasper(directly and from admin kit) we tried that and all our servers working ok now
  9. How can i rollback to spesific date useing administration kit??
  10. we have tried to contact kaspersky support but he told us that there are no problem in update,we think this is bad support and the problem occurred one or more times before this problem, we rolled back the database of Kasper to 22/10/2010 (in all our 30 servers windows 2008 and 2003) and every things working fine after that,we think that this is not good solution because we have very critical services ,and we faced this problem two times: (31/12/2009) and today (24/10/2010) so we have internal discussion to take decision to change the Kasper product as anti virus solution for our company osaid suliebi
  11. We had the same problem on a high number of Servers windows 2008. any update about this problem??
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