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  1. ok, in total despair , from a customer today I solved it this way: The situation was this: kav9 50client 4 groups with diversified policy . I tried to upgrade but the error in question blocked the installation . So I did exactly these steps before you get to rivolvere . reinstalled version 9 used the tool for change by selecting the system administrator user ( this I do not think we've done a lot) at this point trying to reinstall the 10 I received the same error . I joined in the services mmc and I manually edited the user who runs the service of kaspersky lab system user from changing it in administrator. in my case administrator is a local administrator, domain administrator . I stopped at the service installed kav 10 is everything is finished correctly . ( I think this was the part that worked out ) . even if the console is installed, however, did not find the service ( after having started it of course). I went back into service and I reset the system admin service Kaspersk lab server. made this all work again ! Claps 1 - Kaspersky 0 :-)
  2. hi, 6 months later, issue still exists :-/ ! I just can't believe this from Kaspersky. I have same problem. let alone to install the antivirus, I'm going to change the roles of the servers! This solution is stupid and inappropriate. however, I also have several clients with SBS and I can not move roles. Among other things, some customers decided not to pay the bills ... What we do we turn kaspersky? Come on, 6 months to resolve such a problem?!?!? not to mention that the license key for version 10 is not compatible on verisone is therefore are also obliged to update and licenses increased by 20% WAKE UP!!
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