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  1. so Q3 means before end of september right?
  2. Trying to do updates on admin kit 8. Was all workign fine last night. Now i get an error code 45 when i try do updates. I have rebooted server, and tried changing update source to a different kaspersky site. Any ideas? Cant find anythign of that error code
  3. cf11 did not resolve the problem. refer to my other post: Kas thread
  4. So as KAV 6.0-1212 slows down the server to a grinding halt when 10 or more users are logged into the terminal server, we moved to Enterprise Edition (As EE should be run for TS environments). We have had sucess in the past for other windows with EE, but now that we are full of Win2008 R2 (all r2 is 64bit) clients, KAV EE does not work on on the new servers. They are incompatible. Windows blocks the driver. When will there be a fix for this? Win2k8 R2 has been out for ages and still no working solution for kaspersky with win2k8 R2 clients who run a TS envoronment. We have installed crit fix 7/11 but still wont load.
  5. If a user has 3 licences, installs on 3 pc's, then hdd crashes on a pc so a new hdd and windows install goes on the pc, how do i go about reinstalling the 3rd licence key? Should it work, or do i have to contact someone?
  6. I have a client who runs admin kid 6 on server, which is infected with malware. Instead of getting a malware cleaner he claims he knows which file it is and wants to put a block on it so it doesnt run at all. I know what your all thinking, why not just get the malware cleaner? Cheers
  7. well i just worked it out out of randomness. I extracted the enterprise download then browsed via kas admin kit package installation through to: *:\kav6.0.2.555_fseeen\x64\server and there is a .KDM file in there the admin kit picks up. Install that and it works like a charm!
  8. So i have installed kaspersky admin kit 8 ( i now know there is no difference from whichever sub category you download it from IE BUSINESS SPACE / ENTERPRISE etc, they are all the same admin kit package). My problem is, i have just installed kas admin8 and as i am in a terminal service environment, i want to install kas win server enterprise on the main TS server. To do this I want to manage it through the admin kit. If i install kas enterprise and not use amdin kit, then admin kit shows it offline and i cannot push policies to it, therefor i need to install it through the admin kit. I tried to add the freshly downloaded kas enterprise into the admin kit, via REPOSITORIES > INSTALLATION PACKAGES > then use MAKE KAS LAB APP PACKAGE, browse to the enterprise .exe package (kav6.0.2.555_fseeen) but i have to select the SELF-EXTRACTING ARCHIVE option to select it. Once i do this it fails. Wont add it. I get error box: No application description file. It is possible that the application is not a Kaspersky Lap product..... Select the option: "Make installation package for specified executable file". Which i then do. I select the drop down box and use the make installation package and repeate above, and it add is to the list of packages. When i try deploy the newly created package, (right click on package > install > browse to server name > tick all3 radio boxes under "force uploading installation package" > input admin user/pass then deploy. I then click on View detailed description and see it start to install. It gets to 32% (after it has copied all the files over to the serveR) then fails. It gets up to: "Waiting for another installation process. ("Deploy Kas for server enterprise (which is what i called my package)"). Any ideas why it stops and fails there? Or am i installing it wrong or the wrong package? Cheers
  9. I am getting file signature errors on machines running adminkit 6 & 8. Where are the update folders stored so i can delete everythgin inside and redownload the updates? Cheers
  10. Anyone shed some light? Do i need to give more information of some sort?
  11. Client has 2 servers. 1 runs kas admin kit 6.x and the other has admin kit v8. He wants to know where in adminkit 6 he can assign to download the updates from the admin kit 8 server. Unlinke in v8, he says there is only 2 options in the update source and thats MASTER server and Kaspersky lab). There is nowhere to type a \\unc path or http:// path.
  12. 41 users are currently lookin at this thread as you are. Still no KAS support staff/members/moderators to help out? Whats going on? We are paying clients....would appreciate some support here KAS!
  13. good to see everyone been a 'first time poster' due to this thread. Cant belive noone else had started a thread with this issue when it is obvisouly happening to everyone!
  14. i tried a rollback. did not fix issue. Done an update after it. Still no fix.
  15. everyone stop then start your anti-spam and see if you get the same issue. Obviously looks like a kaspersky bug.
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