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  1. Hi Dmitry, Yes, SSL does make a difference. If you scroll down the Google results, and click on an HTTP version of Youtube, Kaspersky correctly blocks access. But the top result, the HTTPS version, is not blocked by Kaspersky! I hope this helps. Kind regards, TBL
  2. There is no HTTP version in Google search results. Is Web Control not able to work if the sites we wish to block use SSL? This school changed their version of Kaspersky from KESB Core to KESB Select only to be able to use Web Control. Kind regards, TBL
  3. Hi Kirill, When you Google Youtube, it is the https version which comes up at the top, so yes, it is that one that the children click on; it is that one which KESB Web Control fails to block. Kind regards, TBL
  4. Many thanks Nicolay. Here you go: http://www.thedominie.co.uk/temp/KES.10.2....784.GUI.log.zip Kind regards, TBL
  5. Dear Dmitry, Thank you for looking into this. I have created the traces as requested, but I can't upload the SRV.log.enc1 one here because it is larger than 300kB, even when compressed. Kind regards, TBL KES.
  6. I have the same problem on KSC10. It seems the MS SQL database is corrupt. Should I restore it from backup? I use Backup Exec 2012.
  7. Attached is the text file that the export generated. I have 23 laptops all exhibiting the same symptoms. However, I have new info from tests on all browsers, and interestingly, Chrome is not affected, i.e. Chrome correctly bars access to Youtube to children. However, Firefox always allows access, and IE11 mostly allows access too, but I have reports from users that "sometimes" IE correctly bars access (this last piece of info I did not witness myself). Contents of export file: *youtube.com* youtube.com/* *youtube* Thank you for looking into this problem. Kind regards, TBL KasFilter.txt
  8. Hi, The whole point is to block all of Youtube, even when embedded in other websites, so I created a rule blocking *youtube* for one of the users on the laptops (Student) but not the other (Teacher). If the children, logged in as Student, type "www.yoube.com" in the address bar of any browser, Kaspersky blocks access as expected. But if the children use Google to search for Youtube, then click on the first link, they can see Youtube, even though the address in the address bar is the same (www.youtube.com)! Regards, TBL
  9. KESB Select Thank you for looking into this. The subject of this query should read "Web Control does not block Youtube if user Googles it first" actually. TBL
  10. Hi there, This is a school setting, where laptops are userd both by children and teachers. We have a rule in Web Content which blocks *youtube* for user "Student" used by the children. This works if the child types in You Tube's address in the browser address bar directly, which no child would ever do in that school. However, the rule does not work if the child uses Google to search for "You Tube" and then clicks on the top search result, which is what children do. Copying the non-blocked url from the address bar into the Kaspersky test tool for Web Content says that the url is blocked for Student, which is demonstrably not true. What could cause such a failure? Grateful for any assistance, TBL
  11. Hi there, We recently retired a Windows Server 2003 server and migrated to Server 2008. We installed the latest Admin Kit (version 8.0.2163) on the new server. The migration went smoothly. However, we have now found out that one workstation in the domain is now unable to update its virus definitions. The workstation in question runs XP Pro and Kaspersky Antivirus It shows up live in the Admin Kit, but it has no Tasks defined to update the virus definitions. The Admin Kit only has policies to update Kaspersky 604 workstations, and can't create a policy for 603 workstations. If we try to update manually on the workstation, we receive an error that "Update is controlled by Administrator". I cannot download a package for Kaspersky Antivirus 6.0.3 anymore, and I cannot upgrade this workstation to Kaspesrky Antivirus 6.0.4 (Error occurred installing driver "kl1". It is recommended to reboot your computer. - But the same thing happens after a reboot). How do I sort this out? TIA, TBL
  12. It's a mailbox, yes. And there is a corresponding user in the AD, yes.
  13. Hi, Exchange 2007 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus Definitely filtering spam on the main mailbox, but not on the additional mailbox in Outlook.
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