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  1. I have seen this in the past as a dhcp/DNS issue - make sure you dont have any rouge dhcp servers, make sure your DNS server is all cleaned up (especially scavenging).
  2. Anyone seen BSOD issues with win7sp1x64 & pf96? What of it flat out not even installing on kes10a (xp or 7)? Tried it on a bunch of machines manually, & kes10 even says it needs a reboot, but about still shows a & not a.pf96.
  3. I assume the KSC10 upgrade will be a simple in-place upgrade as others have been in the past, & KES10 will be the usual uninstall/reboot/install/reboot or do you have the in-place upgrade for AV worked out in CF1? Thanks!
  4. I would like the patch as well. Thank you! This only refers to pf96 - would pf102 referenced here http://support.kaspersky.com/9931 include the pf96 fixes for this not scanned for a long time status issue (assuming yes)?
  5. Restored! & no, backup task password was not documented (but I did guess it).
  6. Yea, I saw it there & if i double click on it, it says not accessible, but I can put the full path from the error into the bar i can browse the directory tree. If I drop to command prompt I can cd into it, but dir shows it blank, I can cd kasperskylab & further down the directory tree. From the sounds of that the junction exists & the file really is corrupt so I just need to restore it from a previous backup. Let me see if the previous admin documented the password to the klbackup task.....
  7. I have an sbs2008 server that had been running KSC10 just fine with the 20 clients for the past couple months (upgrade from KSC9, & migration from KAK8 on another server), but today I launched KSC10 to a fun little error prompt. First it launches, comes up with the quick start wizard, & when you get KSN option it says the "cannot apply administration server settings. repository file c:\programdata\application data\kasperskylab\adminkit\1093\.working\storages\GUID\~SS_SETTINGS.~dat~2 is corrupt.". That said, that path doesnt exist, but C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.working\storages\GUID\~SS_SETTINGS.~dat~2 does.... so where is KSC pulling this incorrect path from all of a sudden?
  8. As others have asked, what specific versions including patch are you running? What are your tasks/policies (system watcher disabled)? If KES10 did you create fresh policies/tasks instead of upgrade? Do you have the proper exceptions for your products in place?
  9. Contact https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com & ask for "Patch L", it is required for KAV6 & the newest licenses. Deploy it per the given instructions in the included PDF. Dont worry if the deployment actually shows failed, as long as in the version shows L (make sure you enable patches in the versions report). It should then (as long as your other license hasnt already expired) show up as the secondary license, which will automatically take over when your current one expires.
  10. I have an accounting app that by design runs via a UNC path, & without Kaspersky running it opens up quickly as expected. If Kaspersky (KES10 & NA10) is on the machine the app runs slow. I tried adding exceptions in under trusted apps for \\uncpath\share\filename.exe, just filename.exe, & even \\ipaddress\share\filename.exe, none of which helped. Vendor does not have any specific exceptions they recommend. If I right click & close kaspersky at the task tray the app will open up fine. If I open kaspersky back up the app opens up slowly. If I set every single module to disabled (the K icon even goes grey at that point) the app *STILL* opens up slowly. Rinse & repeat with the closing/running/etc, still slow with kaspersky running. Server that the app is running via UNC from has no AV at all so I am pretty sure this a kaspersky on the workstation issue, not a workstation issue, not a network issue, not a server issue. Any thoughts?
  11. If you have your INC# in hand, have you tried Kaspersky Chat support? http://usa.kaspersky.com/support/corporate/live-chat - it is limited to Monday - Friday 8am to 9pm EST but that should be open at some point while you are awake in your timezone.
  12. Suggestion - when you say "please wait for X" - give an ETA, if you have one, since you know the next forum question after that will most likely be "sooooo when is X coming out then?".
  13. As someone who spends *FAR TOO MUCH TIME* on this support board I have seen "CF1 will be released...." June Late summer Q3 & now Q4? wow.... :icon20:
  14. Can you please provide more information? Exact OS version Workstation specs Exact network agent version (including patch) Is this slowdown happening with just the network agent installed, even before you get the AV installed? How are you installing the network agent that halts when installing? Can you pull logs from the install? Can you post some GSI http://www.getsysteminfo.com/ output URLs?
  15. How are you making your image? See the following post - http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=264708
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