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  1. i am so happy to see my big "K" on the bottom of my screen with no exclamation marks or whatever!! thanx for your efforts Kaspersky team--this is why i have stayed and what i expect and i appreciate your efforts--i must admit i was abit disturbed with any glitch from your product because frankly your product has NEVER given me a problem in the past, but now all is well again-- my sincere appreciation, m--
  2. well, sorry to be back for the same reason more or less--at least i waited awhile so as not to be too much of a nag-- my new Pure 2 has stopped telling me my license was faulty and seems to be working great! and i like it-- unfortunately, the problem i had with my original Pure seems to be nagging me still--whenever i hit the "HELP" button or any of the other buttons that would require an automatic response having to do with help, my account, etc. i get this reply-- "RunDLL-- Error loading C:\PROGRA~2\KASPER~1\KASPER~1.0\basegui.ppl The specified procedure could not be found." is this an easy fix thru the forum or should i go to the help desk and get a ticket? sorry if it's been addressed in the forum but i did not find it in my searching about-- thanx for your time, m--
  3. ran GSI for above-- http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...c19879c8e52e195 edit: clickable link.
  4. apparently i spoke too soon--i awoke this a.m. to see that my pc, while apparently restarting over night (possibly for updates), had not done something that PURE 2 liked and so it was in the midst of collecting info for a report that was going to be sent to kaspersky--while that in itself was fine the system than started showing my security as 'not working' and the reason given was because of a licensing problem--i tried to re-enter my activation code and this time it said that it was invalid--i then decided a system shutdown and restart was in order and after that everything came back on-line seemingly correct; however, upon further investigation i found that i again have a problem with all extraneous help, support, etc. features just as in the original pure before you had me update to this version-- any attention to this problem (while minor as long as i don't need those features), would be appreciated-- thanx again, m-- just looked back at your earlier directions and realized that the mistake is no doubt mine as i did not follow them perfectly--i did not do the removal tool in safe mode so i no doubt screwed up--now i need your help to alleviate that problem-- sorry for that and will talk soon?
  5. well, your instructions seem to have worked and done so well--is this something that i should do on my other two licensed units? or just wait for a problem with them? one way or the other, i appreciate the quick and effective help-- m--
  6. apparently this is happening to others beside myself--today when starting to create a rescue disc i had a question about one of the steps and so of course i tried the 'help' button--found the error that has been mentioned here--tried to fix myself including toggling every button that had to do with support, even the Kaspersky and Forum to get here--eventually had to google this place--i did run a reinstall/repair on the system and nothing--having no other problems other than the root kit scan taking abit of a long time without any obvious way to disarm it--figured that was the nature of the beast-- otherwise still loving the product after a few years-- am running PURE thanx--
  7. just thought i would throw in my 2 cents worth--i just now recieved the same email--looking quite official but never having had anything like that from kaspersky i thought better of it and did not reply--btw--my official expiration date is 11/17/2010 so apparently the game is spreading--
  8. i too have had numerous crashes since leaving the factory installed 'norton' upon subscription end--i also run a 64 bit vista ultimate and the message is always the same from ms--my crashes up until this a.m. have always been when my wife was on her user account and working in outlook--i have in the past disabled ms defender and firewall--i found that upon installation of ms updates they have been turned back on automatically? wierd, huh? i finally switched my wifes email software to 'mozilla thunderbird' as i was using that with no problems whatsoever--everything fine until this a.m. when the crash happened on my user account-- that led me to this forum and before finding this thread i ran across the "removing other anti-viruses" by Don Pelotas--found that useful tool for finishing off norton removal and hopefully, no more problems--i did not go as far as removing my kaspersky and re-installation but that may be the next step if the crashing resumes-- sorry, abit long-winded but i know your pain-- thanx for the forum--
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