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  1. You are right, Richbuff ... after checking my installed programs, I see IE 11 was added, so I uninstalled it. After restart, my main page was absolutely covered by the Kaspersky gadget, :b_lol1: ! Guess what ... in my attempt to unstall them, I also unstalled the gadget altogether ... now I just have to figure out how to reinstall the original gadget. Oh, never mind (sigh).
  2. Thanks for the link, Berny ... still doesn't work. I give up ... I guess I'll just have to live without it. :dash1:
  3. Hi, Berny ... thanks for replying. Found the gadget ... clicked on "add" ... nothing. Even followed the tutorial, dragging the icon to the top of the screen and waiting, as instructed ... still nothing. What did I not do correctly?
  4. The green Protection Status Indicator, located in the upper right part of the main window has disappeared! Not sure why ... system is running smoothly, everything is up to date ... status shows computer is protected ... 2013 version. Any reason why I don't get the big green checked box anymore? I miss it ...
  5. Done, done and done ... worked like a charm. I'm good to go. Thank you so much!
  6. Okay, I'll try it tomorrow (I've been known to screw this up in the past) ... I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks, Rudger ... I'm going to have to get up enough nerve to do this ... will my computer be unprotected during this process?
  8. I followed the link I received from Kaspersky and installed 2011 ... no where in the instructions did it say uninstall 2010 first. (Should have come here first and followed Don's strong recommendation to do so). I'm noticing little glitches here and there, but appears to be working fairly well, although I'm constantly having to reload a page because it just gets stuck. Yesterday I ran a full scan and a critical area scan with nothing detected. I'm still trying to get the hang of 2011, not being computer literate ... knowing just enough to know I don't know anything. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  9. Now this makes sense to me! Yes, I did purchase through element 5. I wll think long and hard before I renew my license again this way. I'm wondering about the credit card information being stored there. I think Kaspersky should look into this immediately.
  10. Thanks for your fast reply ... I thought that might be the case.
  11. I just received an email from Kaspersky Lab (news@americas.kasperskylabs.com), warning me that my subscription "has expired" ... that I should "update your protection with Kaspersky Kaspersky [sic] Internet Security 2010 - only 49.95. Renew now. My 2010 Kaspersky subscription does not expire until July, and last I checked, it's running fine; so of course I didn't click on any link. Should I be worried about this?
  12. I've had KIS for about three years. An old version of AVG from the Edwido days is still showing up on my computer, so I decided to do a little housekeeping. Add/Remove wouldn't let me delete, and I decided install the free version of AVG in order to uninstall it and hopefully get rid of the Edwido version in the process ... WRONG! My bright idea didn't work. I also couldn't delete the files through the start/search function (suggested by Bob20737, my resident guru in most things KIS). Bob then suggested I run CCleaner (the updated version) ... but the Grisoft file is still in the Program files. As I mention to Bob, I started manually removing the subfolders to the recycle bin and all but a few were deleted. What's interesting is KIS has placed the AVG Uninstall exe. in its Untrusted Group with the following caveat: Launch of Uninstall exe denied according to application rules. So KIS is prohibiting me from uninstalling! So, Don ... what do I do and how do I do it?
  13. After several abortive attempts, my KIS6.0 is now Up and Running. THANKS to Don (who has the patience of Job), I now have a lean, clean, running machine! Don, your tutorials (and email encouragement) were spot-on -- they made me read, and read again, to comprehend what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you, thank you. (Bob and CajunTek, I hope you see this ~~ thanks again for pointing me in this direction.) Ron, thanks also for your reply and welcome!
  14. I'm new here, so please excuse my ignorance. I just purchased KIS 6.0 today after the 30-day trial version. Oh, here are the vitals: WinXP Win Firewall (had Kerio prior to KIS free trial) No Anti-Virus (Urgent) Windows Defender running Ewido Anti-Malware running SpywareBlaster Spybot S&D Problem: Downloaded KIS to my desktop -- thought everything went smoothly; however when I tried to install I got this warning: You must close KIS before proceeding with installation. I clicked the "Retry" prompt and nothing happened, so I thought I'd cancel and try again ~~ my mistake. Message I received: The installation wizard was interrupted before KIS could be completely uninstalled. Here I sit with no security protection -- I cannot complete the install, nor can I uninstall. I need help and quickly. Prior to the free version I used NIS. I know nothing about the technical aspects of this computer.
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