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  1. You do not know what's going on all the time . I'm stop writing now. Thanks.
  2. This support is very horrible. NOT WORKING KES10 SP2 - custom scan/inform only - delete files instead inform. OMG! Let your labs diagnose and fix it.
  3. Settings Out of BOX, never resseted, only change scan custom---inform only
  4. OMG! KES10 SP2 - custom scan/inform only - delete files instead inform. KES10 SP3 - too.
  5. In general, all malware files are deleted; instead of just informing, just like on screenshots. 3 files mal attached.
  6. Traces, screens, and files_mal: https://www2.zippyshare.com/v/oTD84FC5/file.html
  7. I have malware collection on another HD. Custom Scan: Inform not working - delete infected files, instead inform. KES10 MR1 - ok KES10 SP1 - ok KES10 SP2 - delete KES11 - ok Please repair bug.
  8. Simple question, bad answer...junk... Notabene: Custom Scan: Inform not working - delete files KES10SP2MR2 Win7SP1 64bit Can you fix it?
  9. "Posted August 1 Dear Users, Let us announce the end of the forum testing for KES10 SP2 MR3. We would like to express our gratitude on behalf of the company for your attention, patience and efforts dedicated to testing our products. The commercial release will be announced soon." soon = month, quarter or year?
  10. UDS, HEUR files should not be in quarantine? instead backup?
  11. HI! This problem still exists with me. On KES10 MR1&SP1. Win7SP1 x64. If I do fresh installation or I repair installation KES10 by "Modify, Repair, or Remove" & restart - everything is ok, malware UDS, HEUR landing in quarantine, and trojans, backdoors, etc landing in backup: If I restore settings (I want to reset settings from time to time) in KES10 by "Restore" in settings & restart -all this same malware like UDS, HEUR, trojans, backdoors, etc landing only in backup: Is this normal? or Is this a known issue? Please prompt me. Thanks.
  12. Also, Native installation Win8.1+KIS2014 - no problems. KIS installer turn off Windows Defender. Everything runs smoothly. https://safegroup.pl/internet-security/kasp...40.html#p214993 edit: Also,
  13. On Win7 SP1 x64 files "HEUR:xxx or UDS" are added to backup instead quarantine. See: On Win7 SP1 x86 everything is properly - the same files are added to quarantine.
  14. First my friend panicked and install various cleaners. Eventually, he was the MBAM and of course the KIS. Thanks for your support.
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