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  1. Hello! Link: https://aes.s.kaspersky-labs.com/english/endpoints/keswin11/kes_win_11.0.0.6499_en_aes256.exe. WHAT'S NEW IN KASPERSKY ENDPOINT SECURITY 11 FOR WINDOWS 1. Integrated Endpoint Sensor component of Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response 1.0 • IoC scanner (Indicators of Compromise) • Incident response tools • Incident investigation capabilities 2. System Watcher for servers (components Behavior Detection, Remediation Engine and Exploit Prevention): • OS support for System Watcher • Shared folders protection (from remote encryption) 3. User interface improvements: • Protection components grouped by categories: o Advanced Threat Protection o Essential Threat Protection • New names for components: o Antivirus renamed to Threat Protection (for example, File Anti-Virus renamed to File Threat Protection). o System Watcher split to 3 components: Behavior Detection, Remediation Engine, Exploit Prevention. o Application Privilege Control renamed to Host Intrusion Prevention. o Application Startup Control renamed to Application Control. • Technologies (machine learning, cloud analysis, etc) and protection components (Exploit Prevention, Behavior Detection, etc) are shown in statistics and reports. 4. Lightweight mode for Threat Protection (“Cloud mode”): • Light antivirus databases with enabled KSN (require less RAM and drive space). 5. Device Control: • Anti-Bridging feature added (blocks unauthorized commuting between networks). • Importing/Exporting the list of trusted devices (in xml format which is convenient for reading/editing manually). 6. Application Control: • Mixed mode (simultaneous use of test and blocking rules). • New KL category – Trusted certificates. 7. Simplified interface of Kaspersky Endpoint Security: • Application tray icon in Microsoft Windows task bar and context menu without displaying full application window. 8. Hash sum is specified in detection events and reports and can be used for exclusions (Trusted zone). 9. Masks (*,?, **) are supported in Trusted zone settings. 10. Protection level indicator for policy: • Notifies in case critical protection components are disabled. 11. Various usability improvements: • Simplified deployment wizard. • Optimized license management. Important note! In Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Windows, the following features are no longer supported: • Quarantine. • IM Anti-Virus. • Vulnerability Scan.
  2. Version is There is no option for solving the problem.
  3. Hello! Integrity check found that module signature check failed: C:\WINDOWS\ELAMBKUP\klelam.sys. What is wrong? Regards, Iztok
  4. Also, Try this: Settings-->Additional-->Network-->'Encrypted connections scanning' select Do not scan encrypted connections
  5. Temporary solution (KIS 2016, try in KIS 2017): Settings-->Additional-->Network-->'Encrypted connections scanning' select Do not scan encrypted connections
  6. Hello! I can't access online banking when encrypted connections scanning is ON. Is it possible to add my online banking URL to safe lisit?
  7. Thanks. I'm waiting for technical support response (INC000006515511).
  8. Hello! My activation code (Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, still valid) doesn't work on new Kaspersky Internet Security 2017? What to do?
  9. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows Workstations SP1 MR1 (version (MR1) is not compatible with Windows 10. More info: http://support.kaspersky.com/12392
  10. Log files are sent via company Account.
  11. Tomorrow I will send you installation logs. Here is screen capture from Security Center. Path is installed correctly. P.S.: Where can I find installation logs?
  12. Patch is not working. The same computer status as before.
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