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  1. i've actually already done all that i can to make it an on-demand scanner. what i meant is that it would be nice if there was a kaspersky version that was designed specifically to only be on-demand. i think advanced users would find a real use for it, and it would be simple to produce (in comparison). are the iswift and ichecker settings only available during install? i've checked all my settings and used the help file, to no avail. (KAV6)
  2. i wonder if windows file sharing can be hacked to allow removal of stubborn rootkit files. i don't mean network shares, i mean the file sharing that locks a file when it's in use. (i.e. remember share.exe from ms-dos?) i think such information could definitely backfire and be exploited by the rootkits, but that's a neverending battle anyways, and information is -never- bad.
  3. even with all automatic protections turned off, normal windows usage produces a lot of activity on FIDBOX. tbh i think ANY usage produces a lot of activity here. is there an option somewhere i can set to tone down all this disk activity? i wish there was an on-demand only version of KAV, that would be awesome.
  4. i can confirm that this behavior is NOT related to an unattended install. i do have many many services disabled, so my guess is the problem lies there. i'm fortunate in that i have vmware to do my testing, so i'm going to be putting it to use. can i get some fairly solid confirmation that this behavior doesn't exist for normal users of 299 & 300, so that i can justify the time spent on tracking it down??
  5. well in that case, waiting the 5 minutes to run it should afford some extra insurance against that, no? in any case, i'll have to do some testing to see whether or not it's related. time to head back home.
  6. so you're saying there's a difference between the installer running avp.exe and windows running it 5 minutes later?
  7. i knew it was purely for self-defense!!! now i have to do my performance logging.
  8. restart occurs when RunOnceEx ends, because windows then loads up it's RunOnce commands like normal
  9. like i said, i was able to circumvent said "self-defense" by using a little known registry key.
  10. i'll definitely look into it. i'll also try to confirm whether or not this behavior is indeed caused by an unattended installation. vmware here i come
  11. the service is something like avp.exe -r the main exe which windows starts at boot is called avp.exe i have never seen a separate gui. killing the service avp.exe, leaving just the single avp.exe running results in no change whatsoever (that i can discern) in functionality.
  12. what is this mention of SYSTEM service, it's not possible for windows to even operate without it, i'm not talking about that. windows will actually horribly crash if you can successfully end the SYSTEM service. the service i speak of is AVP.exe which is run as a service. KAV does seem to run perfectly fine with that service disabled.
  13. when one installs from RunOnceEx, it is necessary to keep the installer from running KAV, because this first run forces the computer to reboot. (and would therefore reboot in the middle of your RunOnceEx list) i accomplish this by using a .mst which removes the installshield command to run the program after install. i was curious if this could be somehow related, tho i seriously doubt it.
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