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  1. The PC is two years old. My non technical theory after my experiments tonight (see post 6) is something possibly has gone a stray as you say with XP when not removing Kerspersky first before reinstalling. As when uninstalling KIS and reinstalling KIS on my old ghost from last year all seems ok. I may just go back to this ghost and update as necessary and fingers crossed!
  2. Yes MagicTune is listed as Trusted. That reminds me I was going to uninstall it as I knew it doesn't shut down correctly when I shut down the PC. It turned out after installing it (came with samsung monitor) my video card wasn't supported by it anyway.
  3. Further investigation tonight.... I uninstalled KIS reboot etc. Reset drive letters and all is fine every time I reboot. I then reinstalled KIS which I had no problem with before I tried updating KIS (as first post). Then reboot, but my drive letters now change even with this version now. So..... I tried reloading my most recent Norton ghost image of my PC (19-5-09). Then uninstalled KIS, then reinstalled KIS reboot etc and all is fine! There is not much difference between the ghost copy and current setup as far as drivers and software go. So my non technical verdict is possibly when I tried to install over the top this has mucked something up somewhere, which doesn't get sorted by uninstalling the correct way now and then reinstalling. Is this possible?
  4. Since updating to KIS 2011 I have been having problems with my CD drive letters being changed every time I reboot. By using 'disk management' I correct them to 'R' and 'W' then reboot and the same thing happens. The story goes....... My operating system is XP. I had installed KIS with no problems. I tried to install KIS over the top but had problems installing so I then uninstalled KIS Then reinstalled and all seemed ok at first, until I noticed my CD drive letters being changed back to the next available letters every time I rebooted. I have tried using XPs restore point to an earlier date, but this comes up with errors and will not allow me to roll back. I have used Kaspersky removal tool and with no KIS on the PC all is fine. Then tried installing KIS and the problem is back again. Any advise to this annoying problem would be most apprieciated! Thanks, Dave.
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