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  1. Hello. I love the little green or grey safe website box feature that appears next to website links in google search. However, on the longer links(the ones that end in '...' on the blue writing, suggesting there is no room to display the rest of the link), this feature doesn't seem to work. Would appreciate a fix for this. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I've recently been getting 'protection may be at risk, reboot is required, to complete the installation of new application modules'. I've had to do it 3 times so far today. Is this normal?
  3. Thanks for replying. Isn't it a vital security feature? I chose disconnect on the popup, everything seems to be working fine, didn't have any other popups when going to google.co.uk. Don't understand what happened, or what the disconnect button meant.
  4. Hello. I've just received the error message popup box bottom right with details: Cannot guarantee authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established Application: Firefox URL: www.google.co.uk Reason: Invalid name of certificate. Either the name is not on the allowed list, or was explicitly excluded Disconnect Continue I don't understand this message. Which option should I choose? I first tried 'continue' but the screen flickered a bit and I received a new message saying my security level would be reduced. I did not like the sound of that, so i clicked cancel.
  5. Firefox has disabled all my Kaspersky addons. It has the same message for each one: "Dangerous Website Blocker could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled". I am using Firefox version 43.0.1 and Kaspersky version: Windows 7.
  6. Thanks for reply. Ok, so it's nothing to worry about then. Also, I've noticed on the virtual keyboard, when using the shift key, it stays down(like caps lock), which is kind of annoying, and not how a keyboard should work.
  7. I can't find them. I'll attach details of full scan, but it says there are 23 skipped items, but when I looked in details, I couldn't see anything about skipped items. Just noticed the rootkit scan is also skipping items, and it says it's a known issue on the Kaspersky website. Details_of_full_scan_23_skipped_items_.txt
  8. Thanks for the help. I've installed Kaspersky 2014 now. I saved a few of the things it asked if i want to save when uninstalling 2013. I'll ask again here if it still closes itself. I did a scan, and it said 'unprocessed objects: 5'. Can you explain what this means?
  9. Sorry for double post, I forgot to add that it happened again before I posted that log. I wasn't on GSN this time, I was on 2+2 forums, but I trust that website. Is there any other info that might help? I noticed something in eventviewer under applications tab i think it was. It had a warning both times before firewall got shut down. Something about reg files being leaked. I could find it again if you think it might help.
  10. Hi. 16mins ago, Kaspersky warned me it was shutting down, and i don't know why. I re-booted computer as I thought I was being hacked. It seems to be working now. All I was doing at the time was playing on a flash game website: GSN.com, which has never given me problems, and although it has a lot of adverts, I have an ad blocker. Would you mind helping find out what caused this please? Don't know where to look.
  11. Does the virtual keyboard work in firefox 14(just not included as an icon in the top right of browser)? Or does it actually not work with it? I wont type passwords without it, and i just stay on the old version of firefox till it gets updated. I don't think the win7 virtual keyboard is the same as kaspersky's is it?(i don't think it stops keylogger)
  12. I can't, hacker keeps changing my password. I guess this isn't kaspersky's problem though, it's blizzards compromised servers. Thnx for the help.
  13. No no, thats not what i meant. I was asking, for someone to access my hotmail account, wouldn't they have had to change the password first? My email password is completely different to what my diablo3 password is now, and was.
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