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  1. i`m copying kis6en.msi to a folder i created, after i`ll unninstall kav6.0.300 and install KIS6.0en (my connection is 128 kbs..it will delays...lol) thanks lucian for all. if a have problems, i`ll contact you by this forum. would you like to add me in your msn contacts ? i dont known if i can put my login of msn here, but in my profile there is my msn login. good bye and thanks foll lucian. i think i`ve got a new friend. a real jedy ...lol
  2. should i uninstall kav 6.0.300 before the installation of kis6en.msi ? or the program updates by himself ? i think i`ll make an option for KIS , the full protection, because in MIRC i`m a operator of channel, and many atacks over my machine have been detected... kis haves a firewall? does it funcitions togheter with xp sp2 firewall? i saved the codes.txt in my documents folder , also releases_notes.txt .. is there i`ll find activations codes, i think.
  3. the page you send, is a ftp , there are many instalations programs, is it? i saw there a version 6.0.299 ..it`s a test version ? do i download and install this? do i download kav or kis ? how you can see, i`m a home user, a little experienced, has not experience in internet security, but a can get experience, if you and your friends of forum help me. thanks for all lucian
  4. lucian, i would like to known if a i can update, the program, after the problem is fixed, if i can check tohse 2 boxes, and update program modules, and network drivers now. thanks plese tell me how i download a beta test version, because i have not how to pay US$ 39,95 for KAV 6.0.300, and would like to keep using kaspersky, that is the better anti virus i saw , i dont like to crack programs. what means quote ? lol...excuse my english
  5. thanks lucianbara, i did what you told, and the problem is fixed, all protection services are runing. i unnistalled completely the aplication , reinstall, and before de first update i unchecked these box you told, and program runs perfectly now... thank you very much .
  6. my web anti-virus displays a messge of subsystem malfunction , acuses some protection failed to starts, excuse my bad english, because i`m brasilian, and my language is portuguese, i understand a little of english. i would like if some others users of kaspersky 6.0.300 had experienced the same trouble. first i displayed a message that my key was blacklisted, that update was not avaibles, and after, apeared a message os sub system mal function, and that web anti-virus protection has malfunctioned. i dont know how funcions this forum, i`m doing the way i think it works. tanks for all
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