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  1. I had already done all that with latest version I will try uninstalling and re-installing again.
  2. Hi, I have another issue relating to KIS 2015. I can't access Google.com from standard non-Admin accounts in Windows 8.1. All other encrypted connections seem to work even with parental controls enabled. I can't access even when parental controls are disabled. This happens even when I untick "scan encrypted connections" and restart browser or even the PC. I tried installing kaspersky certificate but it doesn't work. The problem occurs both in firefox and Internet Explorer, latest versions. The only way to make google.com work in non-Admin account is if I disable KIS completely. I did do a fresh re-install of KIS 2015 by completely removing KIS 2014 first.
  3. 1) Yes it was a clean install. I even removed the activation details when removing KIS 2014. 2) I don't feel comfortable sending my private info to anyone sorry. Isn't there a way to fix this without the report? To me, it seems KIS disables the keyboard thinking the website is unsafe. Is this a possible new feature in KIS 2015? If so, how can I disable this feature?
  4. I just upgraded to KIS 2015 last night and now I'm having a problem using http://web.airdroid.com/ Once I log into the website, my keyboard does not respond to any key inputs. NUM and CAPS lights are working. However, I cannot type in Windows. Once I logged out of airdroid website, keyboard becomes responsive again. I did not have this issue when using KIS 2014 for a long time. It was only since yesterday I experienced this problem after upgrading to KIS 2015. I have tried disabling KIS and then signing into the website but the problem persists. However, as soon as I resume KIS protection while still logged into airdroid, keyboard becomes responsive. This problem is with firefox only where KIS add-on extensions have been installed. I have tried logging into airdoid website using Internet Explorer and there is no problem there. I am using Windows 8.1 and latest version of firefox.
  5. This isn't a personal issue. The problem is the design structure of Kaspersky. I have offered a solution to eliminate this problem. I have already contacted the technical support team using the given links many months ago. They said they will fix the issue. I am still waiting.
  6. Today I've been having problems while "Scan Encrypted Connections" is enabled in Additional > Network settings. If I disable this option, websites work fine. However, with this option enabled, google, facebook and youtube are giving errors and pages do not load. This feature seriously needs to be improved. I do not want to disable this option because I have kids using my computer who will have full access to social network sites, which use encrypted connections now. I had requested a change in this feature before (link) to ease the problems by a very simple solution which has still not been implemented. Do not place "Network settings" option as a separate option in settings but make it part of parental controls. That way, parents can leave this option disable for their accounts, while still using other parental control features such as blocking p0rnographic websites. And child accounts can have this option enabled, and it doesn't matter if their encrypted connections fail to work, at least it's better for child accounts to have encrypted connections blocked rather than parents, the way they currently do.
  7. Hi, A child can by-pass any blocked category by using https in the URL. I know I can enable "scan encrypted connections if parental control is enabled" and by installing the certificate. However this causes problems with parent's account as I keep seeing "This Connection is untrusted... Add exception" to many many websites. I would like to suggest the following two solutions: 1) Give us option to block encrypted URLS (https) without scanning them. Therefore, adding https URL addresses to the "add exclusions" list should work just like regular http connections as well. 2) Move the option "scan encrypted connections if parental control is enabled" from the General Settings of Kaspersky to "Parental controls" of individual users instead. In this way, only specific users that have this option enabled within parental controls will be blocked from accessing encrypted https connections. The reason why number 2 above is important is because, I as a parent would still like to enable some parental controls for myself (for example blocking p*rnography) yet at the same time I would like to use encrypted connections to access facebook or email without allowing other users to do so. However, at present, if I enabled any filters for myself as a parent, then I am blocked from encrypted connection too because of the "scan encrypted connections if parental control is enabled" option. I have always purchased Kaspersky for years purely because of good parental control feature. However, lately I have been having problems with children using the computer and accessing facebook. Sometimes also, parental controls have just stopped working unless I reinstall kaspersky. I would not like to find a different solution from another company as I enjoyed Kaspersky over the years. I hope you understand my query and that you would provide a solution as soon as possible. Regards.
  8. Sorry after deleting the files manually, I deleted the entries from the report too. If it happens again, I will post the details.
  9. I like the 2012 version of Kaspersky but I'm afraid it's buggy. I have noticed a number of bugs. 1) Windows 7 reports that Kaspersky is turned off, when in fact it's on. See screenshot below. Clicking "turn on kaspersky internet security" in windows doesn't get rid of this error message. 2) I had found a number of trojans and viruses during the full scan. However, when I processed the infections, Kaspersky showed that infected files were deleted. However, when I opened the destination folder of these files, the infected files were still there. I had to manually delete them. 3) Clicking on "Parental Control" from main window always prompts for password after you close Kaspersky main window, even when ticking "save password for current session". (It works when going from settings > advanced settings > parental controls.)
  10. Cloud wasn't working for me either. I fixed it by unticking the "use proxy server" option in the screenshot posted in post #39: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=1696155 Mine was ticked by default even though the fields were empty.
  11. Since no one is responding here, similar discussion here: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=1669814
  12. Although I didn't get an answer for this, I tried a different way. I disabled network access for every category (trusted, low restricted, high restricted, untrusted) by default. so nothing gets internet access unless I allow it. I then went through every application within each category and allowed internet access for each application. Since it was a fresh install of KIS, I only had a few applications to configure... but I'll be configuring other applications as and when needed to allow internet access.
  13. I have KIS set up so that it prompts for action when a new application tries to connect to the internet. However, anyone can simply click on the "Allow" option when the popup appears and can connect to the internet using the application. I want to stop users from connecting to the internet from unknown applications or applications that I have not explicitly allowed already. For example, I want to stop users from using utorrent. I have enabled password protection, I have disabled automatic mode in "general settings", I've unticked "trust applications with digital signature" in "application control" and I've selected "prompt for action" in network rules for all the groups in firewall and in application control. However, when a user opens utorrent, they can simply click "Allow" in the popup and be able to connect to the internet. Is there a way to ask for a password before the rules can be applied? Otherwise KIS is useless for non-admin users in controlling applications which don't have rules defined for them already.
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