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  1. Dear Helmut, I had same problem here Aug 28 17:43:46 mailgateway mailgwd[9141]: oHgEL0Mr36575: SPAMTEST returns send error (-10: Socket read error): (null) Aug 28 17:43:46 mailgateway mailgwd[9141]: oHgEL0Mr36575: AS-SCANNED, group="policy", nrcpt=1, as-status="error" Aug 28 17:43:46 mailgateway mailgwd[9141]: oHgEL0Mr36575: AV-SCANNED, group="policy", nrcpt=1, status="clean" Aug 28 17:43:46 mailgateway mailgwd[9141]: oHhkLq5k80807: AV-SPLITTED, group="policy", nrcpt=1, srcid=oHgEL0Mr36575 Aug 28 17:43:46 mailgateway mailgwd[9141]: oHhiLq8Y78082: SPLITTED: domain=<pln-jawa-bali.co.id>, nrcpt=1, srcid=oHhiLq8Y78082 Aug 28 17:43:46 mailgateway mailgwd[9141]: oHhiLuEa14737: SPLITTED: domain=<pln-jawa-bali.co.id>, nrcpt=1, srcid=oHhiLuEa14737 Aug 28 17:43:46 mailgateway mailgwd[9141]: oHhiLSIV68132: SPLITTED: domain=<pln-jawa-bali.co.id>, nrcpt=1, srcid=oHhiLSIV68132 this is 3rd same problem during last 4 month using Kaspersky Mailgateway 5.6.28 on CentOS 5..as usual to solve this we just re-install the OS and new fresh install the KAS Mailgateway but now we can't hold this problem away so please fix this this BUG or any solution lpto fix this issue,any? Thanks for your help.. Rgds, Aryzza
  2. Adminkit 8 only killed the AV's running process on remote client and it's not completely remove from add remove program..then weird thing happened that the KAV Wks 6MP4 sucessful installed on PC while other AV still exist inside (should be removed manually one by one) may caused PC crash and slowing the performance. We trying to remove Symantec Corporate,AVG,Kaspersky Internet Security.. and I think all AV product listed in the task had a same problem. Any idea please ? Thx Rgds, Aryzzaa
  3. Hello, We found a bug when everytime we install KAV thru adminkit 8 used remote package,the uninstaller task before KAV deployment could not remove the AV automatically in the client side,not only one but all AV listed :icon20: .Please add this issue into current bug list to finalize this release ..THANKS ! Rgds, Aryzzaa
  4. Just quick update features request: 5. ARP Spoofing / DNS poisoning protection (mac address changer by malware) ->Anti hacker 6. RTC (real time clock) system protection (date/time changer by malware)
  5. Hi All, As we known the Mac Address changer mostly coming from trojan.downloader.JS,is there in the MP4 release will be include a double protection feature from any mac address changer as well?Thanks, Regards,
  6. Hello, I forgot something about a BUG in my Kaspersky for workstation my PC infected by worm which it can change windows time system and infecting system when Kaspersky suddenly turn off (caused the date & time system changed to the old date in year 2002). Is any updates for this issue?How to terminate this worm?Need the soonest reply,thx Regards,
  7. I have a special request for KAV WKS MP4+Adminkit 7 1. Manual installation for company without Domain Control (only workgroups),if Trend Micro,they based on web so client just open the website than install the programs (AV including agent) only one click to direct to AV Server.I hope Kaspersky Adminkit will have these tools so all users can deploy easily. 2. URL blocker/content filtering 3.Sandbox 4.Support for Lotus Notes Mail for clients Regards,
  8. Dear All,, I have already turn off the KIS 7 Anti Banner and clear cache both in IE Mozila but all banner still blocked.Please check www.detik.com if you want to try,where is the problem,any suggestion please?Thank you Regards, AryZZaa
  9. Hello.. If I compared between KIS 6 and 7,KIS7 is getting worse in other side i think..even I enabled or disabled Anti Banner KIS 7 all banner was totally blocked.It is funny when I only enabled Anti Virus and Mail Anti Virus..all banner still blocked!! :angry: Kaspersky Team,what your opinion..please..thank you! Regards, AryZZaa
  10. Hello.. Please try the lastest release Kaspersky for Linux File Server 5.7.14.Before you install it,you must install also from RH CD source compiler package (gcc,etc),kernel library,and webmin 1.3.20 (for web base administration). If you have the adminkit as administration server,you can install Network Agent for Linux to open SSL port connection so the Adminkit can synchronize KAV for Linux.. Best Regards, Aryzzaa
  11. Hello SergeAD.. Many thank for your answer..so AntiSPAM engine on the Mailgateway still using KAS 2.0 engine?Your answer make all clear now,as concerning my opinion yesterday,we compared KAS 3.0 MP1 is better than Mailgateway(KAS2.0). Do you know when Kaspersky Labs will release a new product for Mailgateway (KAS3.0 engine inside)?We have waiting that moment because a lot of our customer have already testing Mailgateway product..still unsatisfied comment. Btw..We compared KAS3.0 with Sophos Anti SPAM on real live server (on the same spec PC & OS),when the KAS 3.0 still have not filtered some SPAM.Sophos a little bit better than KAS 3.0..I hope Kaspersky team always developing / improving KAS3.0 engine performance for the next release..We are still waiting that Best Regards, Aryzzaa
  12. :angry: Yes..I have the problem like that,kav.exe could't run on windows startup there are only klnagent without kav for workstation..this is a critical problem need to solve soon. My customer have 300 client was installed with KAV.5.712 and 80% kav.exe could't run in every starting windows although restart windows system many times.. HELP..! Best Regard, Aryzzaa
  13. Hello All.. I have also same experiences in my new customers using Kaspersky AntiSPAM 3.30255 MP1 and Mailgateway (builtin SPAM Filtering as well),for the final result is SPAM still not filtered well (I have also comparing with another competitors). But I'm not frustrating then find something new idea to configure till finding the best performance..but still poor performance.. I fully hope Kaspersky Labs team give us some advice how to solve that and improving KAS product as we know the Kaspersky Anti Virus is the BEST in our country.. add note: what's the true email account to report SPAM? spam@kaspersky.com or spamtest@kaspersky.com? Best Regards, Aryzzaa
  14. Hi! I have a Norton Removal tool program so now you can create the uninstallation package from adminkit and you can perform it to uninstall all Norton AV remotely.. Regards, Aryzzaa
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