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  1. Hi Berny, Wasn't sure if removal tool should or be needed 1st when switching products. I'll just use the control panel uninstall, I'm sure that will work fine. ) ...Thanks Again and for the quick reply. -Tim
  2. Hi all, I've searched the forum and really couldn't anything specifically answering my question. I currently have KIS 2017 on all my pc and devices that expires soon. I'm changing to Kaspersky Total Security. My Question is should I just run the Uninstaller for KIS in control panel / programs and not need to use the removal tool? ...Or should I just run the Removal Tool and not use the standard uninstaller, Or Lastly.... Should I use the control panel / programs / uninstall KIS 2017 and Also then run the Kaspersky Removal Tool? I've bookmarked the instructions from Kaspersky on how to use the removal tool, but it doesn't say when using that, whether or not you should 1st use the standard uninstall method in control panel 1st and then use the removal tool? Also should Kaspersky Secure Connection be uninstalled as well via control panel / programs as it listed on its own, or will the removal tool remove that as well. Currently I've not purchased the limitations removal subscription, but will purchase the "remove limitations" subscription after Total Security is installed. -Thanks for the help Looking forward to trying out total security features, mainly for the password manager.
  3. ...Thanks for the reply, looks like its happening to a few others as well and not with just Office 2010 as the original poster had 365. What's odd though is I checked my update history and noted the last date for WUD's was on June 13th 2017, that's roughly 12 days ago and I use this laptop and open Outlook every day. It was only yesterday that this started to happen, so not sure why the delay and that Outlook just started crashing with KIS Anti-Span enabled yesterday. Many items where updated that day (June 13th) on my system including 2010 Office Programs. Here's a list of my update history for June: ...The "Dark Theme" makes the dates hard to read, but if you zoom in you can see all where installed on the 13th with the exception of the last update on the list it was installed on the 8th, and that's what has me puzzled is why did it take roughly 12 days after these updates for the issue with KIS Anti-Spam to cause Outlook to crash/stop responding.
  4. Hello all, Since yesterday, Sunday morning around 10am est (GMT-4) USA, Outlook 2010 running on Windows 10 Anniversary Ed. 64 bit was crashing/stopped responding every time I went to open it. Tried a few repairs on Office 2010, but to no help. It wasn't until I paused protection on KIS 2017 ( e ) that Outlook would open and run. Then I closed Outlook, restarted KIS Protection, went into KIS settings and Disabled the Anti-Spam Filter, then opened Outlook again and NO Problems/Crashing. Not sure why, but since yesterday all was ok with running KIS Anti-Spam plugin, now for some reason if Anti-Spam is on, Outlook 2010 will stop responding and have to be shut down. Checked for any recent office updates, but none where installed over the weekend. All was working ok with Outlook until yesterday. It's not a huge problem as I typically just use Outlooks filter, but for those having the same issue, they may want to try disabling KIS Anti-Spam in settings until this is sorted out.
  5. An answer from the Kaspersky Gods have been sent. Today I see that the version letter of KIS 2017 had an update and when I woke my laptop up from sleep and looked down at IE a notice at the bottom, stated, "Kaspersky Privacy Browser is available, would you like to enable it?" ...heck ya I want to enable it ! Thank You Kaspersky Team for the version "b" release ! ...as I went from to now "b". Awesome! Problem is now solved as I now have the browser privacy on Internet Explorer up and running. Keep up the good work & Thanks to all that took a look!
  6. Hello All, Noticed a few days ago, I'm missing the Internet Browser Privacy Add-On on Internet Explorer 11 and No Kaspersky Icon enable on title bar when right click on title bar in menu is shown. Running Windows 10 Pro 64bit on HP Laptop, with Internet Explorer 11. Downloaded and installed/ran update right away on KIS Version 2017... Since then when I check all settings in KIS and privacy browser protection is on and set to block, yet no add-on from KIS is on IE 11, however I also use Firefox and when that was first opened, it asked if I wanted to enable that, and I clicked yes and the icon shows on Firefox. So I'm not sure why I'm not seeing that on Internet Explorer 11, but I should note that I do believe it functioning non-the-less on IE11 as I cleared the KIS logs, checked the privacy log and it was emptied. Went onto IE 11 and visited a few web pages, sure enough in detailed report dropdown "privacy browsing" it did show newly blocked items. So it would seem as though it is in fact blocking on IE, just not showing this on IE. See below image for all that I checked (manage IE add-ons/"Show All", KIS privacy browser settings, etc)...
  7. Thanks very much for the info Schulte, Being that the special price promotion is from the retailer on KIS 2016 retail box version, it sounds like I'm good to go with making the purchase of 2, knowing one will be activated this time next year and the 2nd around the same time in 2018. Thanks Again
  8. Hello All, I'm being offered a great discount (65% off) at this time with a coupon code from a well known online retailer that I do a lot of business with. It is only good for the next 3 days, however my current KIS license is still good for exactly another 365 days. If I purchase 1 or even 2 retail box versions KIS 2016 1 year protection for 3 PC's... Is there an expiration date/limited time to which the key-code/activations must be used ? Another words if bought now, will its key-code activate when entered 2 years from now ?
  9. Hi Betty, You have some of the best people already looking into your problem. But if I understand correctly, your having problems with both Adobe Reader (with https) & Flash Player. As far as flash player... You could try Adobe's Flash Player UnInstaller found Here Follow instructions and make sure all required program/applications are closed as described. Then go Here to download Flash Player Latest version. Be sure to un-check the google toolbar box if you already have it or don't want it. Then click download and select run in each dialog box that opens. It may ask you to close your Internet browser, go ahead and do so, if asked. Lastly, once install is successful, go Here to verify you have successfully installed the latest version. The Version check is a good page to bookmark/add to favorites to check that you have the latest version installed. If you ever find that you don't you should be able to go to downloads/flash player (near upper right side of download page) and install without uninstalling older version. Adobe Download page: Always be sure to download and install adobe products from there websites only. Not sure whats the issue with Reader and https sites. Hope this Helps.
  10. Happy to here your issue is resolved and that you posted back. Hope to have you join the many of us that will only use Kaspersky, the best protection available imho! P.S. Many installed programs that require the use of date & time rely solely on the pc's system time and that from time to time (no pun intended) can for whatever reason become incorrect.
  11. I realize that this issue is not a Kaspersky problem and that KIS has done its job by detecting it as a vulnerability. ...I was wondering after searching this issue extensively if this tool offered by adobe would update "program installed flash players". It's called "Macromedia Flash Local Content Updater" and is a command line tool. It states... It can be found here. The name implies that it may be what's needed to update, but the description doesn't state anything about "Updating" ...go figure??? Does anyone know anything about or have used this tool and will it update program installed flash players? After searching around, many people discuss the same problem, but I have found no solutions. I'm hoping if this is the solution, it would help many others that have been alerted to software installed flash player vulnerabilities.
  12. In IE KIS for sure, not sure about KAV has a Icon that checks URL's called Kaspersky URL Advisor. You can find it in IE in the tool bar. If its not listed, right click an empty part of the tool bar and choose "customize" add or remove commands. In the window that opens look for icon called urls check, highlight it by selecting it and on the right click on the move to right arrow. Then you can move it up or down. Close when done, then click it and set it up. You can have check all url's or only url's on the list which you would add your website. This is the only thing I can think of, ...not sure its what your looking for tho. I never used this tool, but I believe it checks the website/page for anything malicious. Since I have no experience with building websites, I wouldn't have a clue how to remove any hacked in scripts. Hope this helps.
  13. Does this game require "Steam" in order to play or can you play completely offline? What version of Kaspersky are you using? ...Is it Antivirus or Internet suite?
  14. Hello Ballistic, Have used the windows drivers before as well with this printer and yes they do the job. HP's driver/software bundle was huge, however I selected only to install driver, webprint ( which is like using the snip-it tool for selecting certain parts of web page printing) and a drag and drop gadget that prints any picture to any installed printer of your choice. I could do away with webprint on seven machines and use snip-it tool instead, but if the web page is longer than you can display (as most are), then I'm out of luck as the snip-it tool doesn't scroll ...but webprint does. The gadget is also used and makes quick work of printing pictures. I'm not sure what it was that installed fp9, but recently with the printer connected to a share point on router I did have problems with windows driver wanting to keep installing the driver every time the printer is mounted from a pc. Connected directly to a pc's usb port, the windows driver was fine, so it looks like I'm stuck with HP's driver/software. Went ahead and moved it to quarantine and changed settings to never delete just in case its needed for use down the road. Was referring to it as "stand alone" or local because it has no need for the internet and can play .flv type files and didn't want it confused with the web based player. It doesn't look like adobe allows a download of a player like this and looking in system32\macromed\flash there is no "stand alone" player to copy paste and rename to the HP folder Ohhh well, thanks for the help, but I feel safe with it in quarantine and doubt it will ever be called up for use. If it does, I'll move it back temporally. Thanks for the help Ballistic.
  15. Only time it happened to me was after a system restore where the database would not repair/update. A rollback did not solve issue either, but a simple un-install, reboot reinstall solved the issue with no problems. I have had a licensed copy always so not sure if you can do the same. After using KIS for over 4 years, its only happened Once. It is a very good product, and suggest you not let this stop you from thinking otherwise. As suggested above, Check that your system time/date is correct by right clicking on clock in tray, click adjust system time and date, Click "internet time" then click "Change settings" button. Click on "Update now" and make sure the time synchronizes without errors. (These steps are for Vista & Seven, XP might be a little different, but I have faith you'll find the sync now button.)
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