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  1. Also, You could use something like Macrium Reflect (free). Works well I use it to clone my whole drive It makes a complete bootable copy of the C drive with all partitions intact.
  2. Is a VPN enabled router required to make KSC work?
  3. Thanks, Indio When first trying KSC, it worked except for banking websites. It seems as though windows 10 updates might have something to do with this because, I noticed after some updates, I had to reset some of my personal preference settings. For now I have uninstalled KSC and might try "Strong VPN" instead.
  4. When I turn on KSC trial version (200MB daily), I can not browse the internet. No matter which website I try, it always shows "waiting for -website- " and never connects. The location in KSC is USA and can not be changed due to limitations. There is no point in paying for the unlimited version if I can not make the trial work. I am using KTS© with windows 10 1607 home. My PC is always kept up to date. Has anyone experienced this?
  5. Why does KIS 2015 no longer have a functioning Anti Banner? Some websites now look like the Las Vegas strip even with Anti Banner enabled. I had to switch back to KIS 2014, so I can browse websites without being bombarded with adds flashing all over the place.
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. When looking at the detailed report, I do not get the option to select scan in the bottom left corner. All I get is the list of files scanned but no skipped files. I suspected a file (HP/ imaging helper/ flash player 9) to be the cause and after removing it from the exclusion list, it was scanned and neutralized. This player is part of the installation disc for my printer and can not be updated. My main concern was, I might have picked up a virus by opening a phishing email out of curiosity. Thanks again
  7. What does the "not processed" section stand for in full scan? After the scan finishes it shows one item "skipped". How can I find out which item was skipped?
  8. Thanks for the prompt reply. I know that but, why does it not work anymore in KIS 2012? I hate KIS 2013. The Safe Money feature is so "safe", it does not allow me to log into my own bank accounts to get at my money. This is the second time now, I have to go to my bank, in person, to reset my login because, KIS 2013 screwed it up. I never have any problems with Trusteer Rapport which is much more user friendly and by independent tests as effective as KIS Safe Money. Finally managed to turn off KIS Safe Money and Secure Data Input so I can keep using Trusteer Rapport, recommended by my Bank. Surely, there must be a more elegant way to implement KIS Safe Money than to require a university degree for setup and running.
  9. Has anyone experienced posted photos on websites not enlarging. For 6 years I have always been able to enlarge thumbnail photos on Canuck Audio Mart. Now I have to turn off KIS to be able to do so. My KIS 2012 is up to date. Windows 7 Pro. SP1 This problem started around X-mas. I have posted on CAM and others are having the same problem when KIS is active, also on MAC OS.
  10. Is KIS 2013 "Safe Money" compatible with "Trusteer Rapport"? Does anyone have any experience with this? It did not work for me and I had to go back to KIS 2012.
  11. None of the above things are possible to execute. I had to uninstall KIS without beeing able to exit it because the rogue programme had removed all KIS icons from the desktop and taskbar. It was only possible to uninstall from control panel/add remove progammes I was able to download kavremover in safe mode but it can not run because some other programme shuts it down and windows can not find a fix for it. There is something seriously wrong and at this moment I would be afraid to use this HDD even if the problem where fixed. So I am going to shred the whole contents on the HDD before I use it for anything else. I still would like to know what cleanapi.exe is for. Thanks for your help
  12. GSI is one of the programmes that is beeing blocked. It only runs to "detecting plugandplay devices" and then freezes. I had been able to run it once before things got worse but it did not detect any problems then. It showed everything green in the report. I even installed the full trial version of It can not detect any problems with my PC either. Now I'm using one of my backup OS HDDs for fear of infecting something on the forum. It will be a big job though to bring it up to date, since it was only a fraction of my main HDD. What is cleanapi.exe for anyway? When I try to reinstall KIS the UAC informs me that an unknown program without a signature is trying to make changes to my PC and do I want to allow it. The unknown prog. is only displayed as a string of letters and numbers. At that point it does not even show as cleanapi.exe. That string can not be found under the path given and also seems to be different each time it appears. Allowing it to proceed seems to install KIS but at the end windows says "this programme did not install correctly and will not run". Thanks for your effort
  13. Somehow, Ibelieve through an e-mail, cleanapi.exe installed itself on my PC. It prevents me from reinstalling KIS after I tried to unsuccessfuly run KIS repair when it rendered KIS unusable. It disabled windows explorer search and disables IE smart screen filter during downloads. Also all my programmmes open only after a long delay and some don't run at all, like Windows Live Mail. GSI and Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool don't find anything wrong with my PC. Supposedly it is located in C/users/**/app data/local/temp 685-d-s but can not be found there either. Can anyone help?
  14. Everything looks ok now. I disabled/unistalled the Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS Miniport #6 in Device Manager and un/reinstalled KIS. Now the NDIS Miniport is not showing in the device manager only in the Local Area Connections window. I gather this is the way it is to be. It seems Boost Speed was the culprit. So I will not use it anymore. I am sending my latest GSI which looks ok except for the 5 unknowns. 4 of those are known to me and come from a reliable source. Thanks so much for your help and patience Best Regards Reinhold
  15. I did all the above mentioned tasks and also uninstalled Auslogics Boost Speed, since the report marked it as suspicious. Still no luck Access to intalling the Miniport #6 driver still denied Where can I get the driver for Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS Miniport #6? This is the last GSI;ms=0Miniport?