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  1. Hi, sorry for the silly question but have you tried to uninstall it via KSC? M
  2. mastropizza

    Client fuori controllo

    il Net Agent è 10.5? Ogni quanto il Net Agent si sincronizza con il server? Se non hai il controllo dell'host remoto (pulsanti play e stop in grigio) vuol dire che la 15000UDP remota non è disponibile. Se tutto funziona come dovrebbe, con il Do not disconnect abilitato, alla prima sincronizzazione la connessione client-to-server dovrebbe rimanere attiva fintanto che non interviene qualche evento che la fa cadere. Prova a verificare che, dopo aver effettuato una sincronizzazione la macchina sia effettivamente gestibile dalla console. Lo stato di "scansione non eseguita da tanto tempo" è riscontrabile anche localmente sulla macchina remota? Sei sicuro che il task si completi? M
  3. mastropizza

    Client fuori controllo

    Quanti device hanno abilitata l'impostazione "Do not disconnect from the Administration Server"? M
  4. mastropizza

    Client fuori controllo

    ciao, hai verificato che il Net Agent presente su queste macchine sia in esecuzione e si colleghi\sincronizzi correttamente con il KSC Server? M
  5. This kind of patch is deployed via .msp file: you should find it under \\KSCSEVER\klshare\Updates\updates\bin\kes11\kes11\kes11_0_1 M
  6. Hello, once you've approved it, it will be deployed by means of the already existent KES11 update task: thus, you do not need to do anything else. M
  7. mastropizza

    Miss chart pie Task in KAS center

    Hi, try to click on the light-gray bar i've highlighted in the attached screenshot M
  8. mastropizza


    KSC does not allow you to disable Win Firewall M
  9. mastropizza


  10. mastropizza


  11. mastropizza

    Where can i download KATA platform & EDR

    KATA is not a plug&play solution: it's a complete and quite complex framework which requires expertise and, almost always, KL's support M
  12. mastropizza

    Remove license remotely via KSC

    Yes but not so critical IMHO. I mean: if you're able to handle remote hosts via KSC Console you can, for example, deploy a simple script developed to remove that license. The main\real problem is when you have your own "MSP" license registered on the remote host and for some reason you lose the control of that machine (NA uninstalled, a new firewall placed in the middle, etc)...;) M
  13. mastropizza

    Remove license remotely via KSC

    Hello, as far as i know, there's no way to remove licenses from KSC console (i mean, via an application task). M
  14. mastropizza

    KES USB Scanning

    Unfortunately Removable scan task is not password-protected anymore: the only way to try avoiding users may stop it is to hide the progression status\window. M
  15. mastropizza

    KES USB Scanning

    Hi, it's enough to untick the "Show scan progress" checkbox within Removable scan drive section. M

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