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  1. ovvio, dare almeno una veloce lettura al manuale è sempre la cosa più opportuna da fare quando si installa un nuovo programma.... figurarsi poi se questo è "delicato" come un prodotto di sicurezza.... Ti suggerisco cmq (rivolto a demon@..) di prendere visione anche di questa banalissima (e un pò datata...) miniguida che dovrebbe farti capire a grandi linee la "meccanica" di fondo di Kav6.... http://www.hwupgrade.it/forum/showthread.php?t=1263111
  2. grazie, caVo... Anche a te e a tutti gli altri...
  3. http://www.matousec.com/projects/windows-p...rity- "In spite of all problems we have identified during our analysis, we can say that KIS offers a solid protection and we can recommend this product to users that demand high level of security. No, KIS is not a perfectly secure or bulletproof solution, there are still quite many ways how its protection can be bypassed, but among the competitive products KIS is one of the best". http://www.matousec.com/projects/windows-p...sis/results.php NB: Smaller values of overall ratings mean better products....
  4. Hi, Ron! As a rule i agree with you, "I would prefer that KL not concentrate on such things" (for ex., it's better to spend time in developing new heuristic engine...) Anyway the official statement is their, not mine! Take a look here: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=29194 In second place, don't sound good this answer "Speak for yourself." (it seems me offensive words ) while i have not attached anybody! Peace and love!
  5. Ok, lucianbara! I had to copy modal-dialog.htm in c:\ to execute osfwbypass-demo... Anyway, no starting internet browser with parameters pop-up was showed according to official statement ... At the beginning i accomplish iexporer.exe process to run as a child of svchost.exe: but.... :angry: PS: is it so difficult to find an univocal way to intercept such tecnique for developers like these employed in Kaspersky Lab, one of the biggest security farm of the planet? Please.... And come on! The customers are waiting for you!
  6. could tou explain better the right procedure to execute these 2 Leak? Perhaps i'm mistaking something... Txs!
  7. i have noticed with displeasure that Kis 6 MP2 ( isn't able to intercept some Leaktest contrarily to what declared in the official statement: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=29194 Infact, i am not able to pass Breakout 1/2, Osfwbypass, WB n°2 and (maybe) BITStester... TEST SETUP: XP PRO SP2, KIS 6 MP2 ( with AAA active (prompt for action enabled) and AIC active (content modification/run as a child enabled), RegDefend. Bitstester: Breakout 1: Breakout 2: only RegDefend alerts me about this strange behavoiur (HTML page setted to be the desktop wallpaper...) anyway if i temporary disable him, KIS does not point out on Active Desktop abuse.... CPILSuite ok (1/2/3), Zapass ok, Surfer ok, ecc... PS: sorry for my poor english.
  8. a simple reinstall and the problem was solved.... Anyway i don't Know the reason of the strange "behaviour" described before...
  9. no more "action allowed/denied" in PDM events tab when a program attempts to load a new or modiefied module The exemple above is from MP1 rebuild 4 where all it's ok... PS: MP1 Rebuild 4 Eng = official MP1?
  10. Firstable, thank you for quick reply. You are right! Sorry! Anyway, strange....don't you think so?
  11. ....towards its new line of products? Look at this: pdm.pll is stored in Kav folder.... pdm.pll, infact, should be a file related to the new PDM module, and *casually* BD10 will'have the new B-Have feature..... Could you clarify me this? Txs in advance
  12. thank you, lucianbara. Now all is clear So it's ok the default AH setting for LAN Zone: TXs for all!
  13. ok, Don, and txs for you quick reply. Anyway, why not to use the same IP ( for AH(zone) and router's LAN IP? What's the meaning of in AH?
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