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  1. is not succesful in hyper-v enviroment, in ksc installed it refused to install agent nagent10.3.3008, in kes10.2.2.10535 isntalled, it refused to install kes10.2.4.674en. cannot upload images as there's severe restricion of 86,64K
  2. sry the above link was broken, the 2014 version suitable for win8.1 can be dowloaded at: http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english...51abEN_5146.exe
  3. KIS 2014, patch b included http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english...51abEN_5142.exe supports install on Windows 8.1, also any updated KIS 2014 ( b ) or 2013 (i) supports updateing from win8 to win8.1 and remain functional. It doesnt matter if 32 or 64-bit. By the way, is there a 32-bit win8?
  4. Patch C did not address this bug http://support.kaspersky.com/10235#block0 , the web slowness is adressed in patch D supposedly, which may be released in december. Every patch distributes slowly, ie not everyone is getting it right away, as it is distributed to update servers selectively, to reduce download traffic at servers.
  5. http://support.kaspersky.com/7179, the same applies to kav 6.0 R2, with old type licenses. This is the "transport reserve" for dealers, you as a client have to look at earliest expire, which marks the "first" activation of a license and gives you 1 or 2 or 3 years by license agreement bought. You do not have "rights" to use license more than given period, even if it allows technically to use more.
  6. This would not be a patch, it would be critical fix, which means new downloadable installation file - of which a new installation packet can be created in management - and therefore avoid multiple reboots as it is now with a,b,c,d patches to KES8. Yes, it is not improvement to the situation, if a silent upgrade is needed. Note, that i am just another user of Kaspersky products, trying to explain things. If you want real help or want to dig to the bottom of things, then please create a support request at: https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com/
  7. At now, the only workaround is to (group task if kcs is present) uninstall kes8 - restart - install kes10 (group task if ksc is present). Kes 8 cf2, which should correct the issue is expected in Q2, but this does not help in uninstall/reinstall situations, at least when you want to go from kes8 cf1 to kes 10 directly. After kes8 cf2 released, the schema would be uninstall kes8 cf1 (to experience less compatibility/reinstall problems as always) - restart - install kes8 cf2 or whatever else (kes10, kav 6.0 R2) which supports your license.
  8. If you mean options loss in KSC10, then yes, they are well hided http://support.kaspersky.com/9287
  9. Thank you for observation notes! From these observations, it seems that update agent may work as intended only when multicast is enabled, if you limit connections, then update agent can not deliver packets in group and group agents try to connect to KSC server directly after some timeout And, yes. Slave server scheme will only be helpful if you have at remote site some spare computer, which is almost always on and users dont use this much /or which is quite powerful to run KSC server service and MS SQL Express service at once with low resource impact
  10. Update agent uses multicast for spreading packets. Is it allowed in network and allowed at clients in group? (in group where update agent should be the source for installation packets and signature updates). Administration agents (or agent in update agent role) default 15 minutes sync rule may too play part in dysfunction or creating visible events/statistics in ksc.
  11. Antispam at client level is not effective anyway imho, at least unless this feature can access global level antispam features on the net. In kav6 it was basically a simple mail filter, which could be achieved with tools of mail client program itself, not much more. External global mail service providers (gmail, hotmail, etc) all have enough antispam protection already. If there is company level mail-server, then antispam should be built at that level. If you buy mail service , then you should investigate antispam options delivered by that service.
  12. Yes, its a bug with should be reported through CA request, if there are sufficient number of requests, then maybe the bug might have have higher priority in processing it. The bug as i experience it, is that although license installs on KAV 6.0 R2, it does not show it in KSC10 license usage views and reports.
  13. New type of licenses are compatible with KAV 6.0 R2, but it should be installed locally or with KSC license installation group task. It does not spread automatically as it does in case of KES10.
  14. 1) KES 8 accepts new type of license only after patch b is installed. This is minimum http://support.kaspersky.com/9684 But, patch b may generate problems and its adviced to install all patches up to patch d. All those a,b,c,d patches are not cumulative and should be installed one over another. They will be bundled in KES 8 CF2, which is expected to be released early Q2. New type of license are compatible with KAV 6.0 R2, but it should be installed locally or with KSC license installation group task. It does not spread automatically as it does in case of KES10 or KES8 (with at least patch b ) + KES8 plugin in KSC console. It is a bug i think. Also there seems to be a bug, that although license installs on KAV 6.0 R2, it does not show it in KSC10 license usage views and reports. 2) I do not know for sure. When i tested activation code, then it seems to generate the same license (core, select, advanced) in keys repository, but license number differs from the number when a license key file is added. And different numbers generate different bars in license usage in keys repository. It can be confusing if one have both versions added and deployed.
  15. The only restart is required after kes8 uninstall, agent and kes10 install do not require restart Yes, update is due (probably early Q2). For now the workaround is to uninstall kes8 before deploying kes10
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