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  1. As far as I can see, it is: I'm running version 9.0.2804 according to a "sw version report". I stopped all tasks, so I have no idea what is taking the cpu right now (and all the functionality looks okay as far as I can say)
  2. Hi, I'm not running admin kit version 8 but kes9. And as far as I can see, the update task finishes correctly.
  3. Hi, We migrated to KSC yesterday, everything went fine more or less, but: the cpu and hdd load is constatly at the top. I stopped all the group tasks (or I think at least) and have no idea where to check furthermore. Processes are sqlservr (obviously), but also klserver.exe takes a lot of charge. As I speak, it takes 100% of the cpu. (the server is runing on win xp, with a sqlexpress2008, on a vmware machine with 3gb ram) Any idea what I can check? Running version is 9.0.2804
  4. Nous on a une machine xp, pour gérer +/- 700pc (en vm aussi), la partition OS + kaspersky fait 40gb après deux ans.
  5. Same issues are happening here..today for the first time, I encoutered one of these rogues apps that changed settings on almost all folders (switched them to "hidden"), I had to do a windows recovery to get the workstation back on track. Would be nice that Kaspersky scans these.
  6. Is it possible to set up the agent and application to be automatically updated? If yes, what way, is it possible using only the admin kit? Or do I need to go through GPO for that? I just have no idea where to start; Edit> I found in the manual (page 72) a chapter "Automatic installation of applications on client computers". Question: when a user starts his computer, at which moment will the installation start? How can I be sure it will NOT restart his computer, cut his network connections?
  7. Hi, We just happen to have both products installed in our environment, which causes no troubles. Excepted two weeks ago: the kaspersky admin kit was unable to fully download updates, it always crashed on a "network connection error" which happened finally to be caused by the Astaro box: it was blocking one (or more) files from being downloaded. We had to temporary bypass the Astaro and make a direct connection to the Internet to finish that update. It's of course impossible to install Kasperksy products on the Astaro box.
  8. If you just do not need the licenses on the old computers, you just have to delete them from their group, the from the "unassigned computers" group, and the available license count will go +1 :-)
  9. Okay, I guess that's what caused the needed reboot of our client this morning. victorm> thank you for your very clear explanations :-)
  10. I'm gonna ask the stupid question, but: what are IDS-bases, compared to normal bases? What are these new bases providing exactly, in terms of extra functionnality/security?
  11. Well, we have a 750 users licence, with more than 90% used.. Do you have any link to the server OS requirements? I can imagine XP isn't ideal at all..
  12. Yes, agent 2090. Anyway to get more logs, trying to understand the issue? The server is running on xp sp3, but works fine, as far as I can tell (functionality seems okay, but maybe is there an issue in the connection between clients & server)
  13. In that case: os is xp sp3 32b, kaspersky is latest version -
  14. Hi, I'm getting this on part of our computers, but not all. I don't see any performance issues, but I'm wondering what this error might be/mean?
  15. Got the same issue regarding updates not happening & cpu usage on the server at 100% after updating a few files. Workaround worked fine. (before applying the workaround, I also received alerts regarding "Error verifying file signatures" for several files (but the update wasn't working till the end anyway))
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