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  1. Why can't I create a new update task with Kaspersky products?
  2. his If you read the whole post you would see that I did not initiate it I merely intervened as I recognized the problem from the user desription and wanted him to save his time and wait for YOU to fix it nstead of having him go around in circles sending logs and finally have the same response from you at the end. my INC number is INC000002185979
  3. How I hate whan you play around with people acting as if you don't know what is wrong and asking for ton of logs etc. This is what I received (of course, after having also been fooled around with various testing utilities and log demands) when I reported exactly the same problem Greetings, Dear sir Thank you for provided information. According to that one, we see that all tasks are running and the issue is displaying wrong status of them. The bug has been created and will be fixed in a future version. The official release is planning on the middle of October. Thank you for understanding. Best regards, Technical Support team Kaspersky Lab So, may i suggest. When you see that someone is reporting a BUG WELL KNOWN TO YOU to have the honesty to acknowledge AT ONCE what is it all about and save the user uneccessary hassle of going through TEDIOUS procedure that is only applied because you think it would be a bad publicity for you if you admitted the problem straight away. THIS IS A BUG IN OUR SOFTWARE. IT WIL BE FIXED IN THE NEXT MAINTANCE RELEASE. Only 1 sentence insteead of long thread full of your copy past dribble and you saved your customer's and your support stuff's day at the same time.
  4. Have the same problem as initial poster. Has someone been able to resolve this? As far as i can read no advice has helped. With me it is completely random which WS is not showing tasks acrive. One day it is one, the other day that one is working while some new fails. I've looked into ISA logs and found no 15000 or 13000 port denied connections as someone suggested here. Haven't tried klmover yet. What needs to be changed. KSC server FQDN with IP address?
  5. Look how huge the problem is and all Kaspesky does is ignoring our request for solution. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?act=S...ocessed+objects Igoring is even more annoying than the problem itself. Can we get offical statement regarding this?
  6. Yeah, ask him questions and tracefiles but nothing is going to change the reality that this problem was complained about and not fixed for at least a year. Look at the long list of posts and threads dealing with this issue keeping in mind that no working solution has ever been published. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?act=S...ocessed+objects Thanks for listening to you customers Kaspersky.
  7. I see among release notes that you have fixed "unprocessed objects" issue. Thank you for dedicating your time to this no so annoying issue :laugh3:
  8. Unfortunatley it comes back too soon. See my post here: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=1866858
  9. Unfortunately all machines went yellow in a matter of hours. And not by reinfection (visiting offending webpages again) as the tagged machines are the same that had "unprocessed files" before applying the fix. This SQL table that is updated by the fix is not the only place where info about "unprocessed files" is kept. Not a real fix (not even temporary).
  10. :bravo: Finally a fix that works. Thanks. Hope KAV support find the fix that doesn't let "unprocessed objects" reaappear again.
  11. :bravo: Works like a charm. Thanks. Hope they come up with permanent solution.
  12. Fluke again. I'll stop posting KAV support "solutions" until I test them properly. Sorry.
  13. It shouldn't be as Kaspersky stated they've fixed it in a Somehow the old reports (prior to patch installation) are carried to KSC. Maybe reinstalling agent gets rid of these "phantom" reports. I'll try and will let you know.
  14. Deinstall and reinstall agent on clients. That's a new suggestion from KAV support. This one is allegedly working. Haven't tested it myself yet.
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