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  1. To add to the problem is seems to really only effect Outlook users that use shared mailboxes or connected to other email accounts. Mostly because this is unaffected by cache exchange accounts which most of our peeps have only their primary cache account.
  2. Do I just post those on these forums? Is there a better place to send these to?
  3. That option is grayed out, but unchecked. I get atleast 3+ machines connecting right when I start it up.
  4. I have a task that pushes fonts to about 70 machines. Half of them completed successfully. The other half always fail now, no matter how many times I rerun the task these will always fail. Error's I get randomly from the ones that fail: 1. The time interval allocated for the remote installation task expired. The task on this device will be marked as failed. 2. The device made 3 unsuccessful attempts to run remote installation. The remote installation task will not start on this device again because the maximum number of retries for this task has been exceeded. 3. Remote installation has been completed with an error on this device: Task execution timeout. The task timeout is 45 minutes, so if it is timing out then why does Kaspersky take so long. I'm not sure what else to check here.
  5. That or any way to clean it. ie: Laptop got stolen, would be nice to clean it. Thanks for the quick response. That answers it for me. --Shawn
  6. Does Kaspersky Endpoint 10 have an option to remote wipe laptops? I'm not getting much info about outside of the mobile world. Thanks, Shawn
  7. Thank you! That did it. I guess this utility needs run if you do a transfer of the database from old server to new server. Thanks a bunch. --Shawn
  8. Additional issue. When I go to the Endpoint install to update databases I get an error too. Attached is what I'm talking about.
  9. Here is the export. Also, what exactly is KL software report with installed patches? I can't find anything similar to that. Results.txt
  10. Yes, I have already gotten all our servers and workstations moved to the new server. They are connected and talking. Two things different from old server and new. Old server is Windows 2008 R2, new is Windows 2012 R2. Old server had the Endpoint Security installed. New server does not. These may or may matter but wanted to let you know.
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