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  1. Fine indeed - but it does NOT work in 5.0.177 or I'm to dumb, btw I have it set to, well have a look for yourself... and If you uncheck the box or a bag of rice is tumbling over in china has the same effect - none...lol
  2. Thanx for the replies! Only question to be answered right now is: Where on earth do i get this version update!!! The call to the international helpline offered me a free course in russian but that's about it :angry:
  3. We are running KAV 5.0.177 for Windows Workstations in a cybercafe on semprons 2200 with 256mb ram /OS WinXPpro. The administration of the billing is done by Cybercontrol 4Pro and Cyberpuesto 4. Due to the nature of the business, the PCs get rebooted several times a day and the scan at bootup renders the machine basically inop for several minutes. My Question: Is there a way to either speed up the scan or disable it, as we are doing a complete scan in the morning before opening. In the current configuration - hardware slow + no central server - it plainly speaking is not working the way i want it. Any idea / suggestion / solution (except: get a faster machine) is welcome. Regards Carsten
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