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  1. I did this aswell, and the same problem still occurs. I even allowed everything to do with DMW, and it still didn't have any affect. Any other idea anyone?
  2. I recently just bought a new computer and downloaded Kaspersky IS 2009 to use as protection. But since installing Kaspersky a game i use called Medal of Honor: Allied Assault will no longer run with the Anti cheat used called DMW. When i load up the game and try to connect to a DMW protected server i get kicked for RSAENH.DLL. I researched what this is and found that its pretty important so can't really remove it. But this is definately caused by Kasperky because after uninstalling kaspersky, the game and DMW returned to work as normal. Than after installing again, it stopped working. Another thing that is strange is that i have another PC also using XP and running KIS09 that doesn't experience this problem. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? Thanks Chris
  3. Thanks, i just found that. I should have spent more time searching before asking. Thanks though!
  4. The DMW 3 client is an anti cheat that is used while playing the game MoH:aa. Since DMW updated i have been having problems opening the game while the program is running. A lot of people have had problems with AVG blocking the update of the DMW client, but Kaspersky seems to allow it to update then somehow stop it from running properly afterwards. After speaking to numerous people who had the exact same problem the common theme was we all used Kapersky. I'd like to know if theres anything i could do to stop Kaspersky from some how interfering with the DMW anticheat. The thing that confuses me is that no message or alert has appeared to tell me that it is doing something. But after uninstalling Kaspersky, DMW and Moh:aa returned to normal. I was also informed that upgrading to Kaspersky 2009 fixed the problem, but wondered if my current subscription on 7.0 would transfer over. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
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