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  1. 64-bit hardware, but that's the end of that. Timing differences, if I start IE8 before the password manager (PM) is fully ready...IE8 will lock up, refuse to close or do anything and I'll have to task kill it. If I'm at a page and don't want PM to remember a password and hit cancel...IE8 will lock up, refuse to close or do anything and I'll ahve to task kill it. If I close PM while IE8 is open...IE8 will lock up, refuse to close or do anything and I'll have to task kill it. Instead...I am killing Kaspersky Password Manager as unfit for prime time and will be recommending Schneier's Password Safe as the best alternative to sticky notes to my clients.. :dash1:
  2. I have the antispam set to not insert the <expletive deleted> [!!SPAM] header unless it is 99% sure. Too bad there is no 100% or 'shut the blame thing off' setting. Outlook 2007's antispam filter is more than acceptable. I'll just have to disable it the whole anti-spam thing. Now, the really critical issue is that I subscribe to a mailing list - and by the way, the list does not allow html posts and on top of that I have Outlook set to convert email to plain text - and Kaspersky keeps insisting that the list message contains :: Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.gen :: in spite of the fact that there is absolutely nothing there except the text of the message and a couple of links to the mailing list at the bottom of the email. I can see the links and know they are good. I've even set the entire folder that list mail is stored in as excluded but IT STILL WANTS TO CHANGE HEADERS. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! I'll just have to run without email antivirus until I figure something out. Gee. Thanks, Kaspersky.
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