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  1. No no no.... of course not. I saw the choice of a little smiley being impish - I put it under your name so it could keep looking up at it. I see the 'rolling eyes' icon is meant to be sarcastic? Not my intention. Maybe it shouldn't have a smile on it, but rather a smirk. I chalk it up to a poor design for the emotion! lol I was just saying that this forum needs better emoticons. Mine are waaaaaaay better!
  2. I didn't look at any report. I don't think I would understand all the mumbo jumbo computer techie talk anyway. I don't think I could tell if the HD is ailing or healthy. I did that checkdisk on the computer that was having startup problems - not loading KIS 2013. I have KIS 2014 installed on that computer now and the program seems to be working fine. I ran a full scan after installation and saw 0 threats. The HD is ailing in what way? Anything I can do? When I cleared everything I followed the directions on the eHow site. There were several steps with different tasks to clear everything. I did them all. This was the directions I followed: http://www.ehow.com/how_2293053_clear-cache-windows-xp.html I am planning on upgrading the RAM to 2.0 in that machine within a few days. I will check in on this forum later. I need to go out for a while and run errands. Thanks Don.
  3. With the Temp and cache thing cleared and KIS 2014 installed on this computer (which everything seems perfect!) Here is the new GSI report: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...be5ce4eb838112c How come I only have 357 days left on the license on the new product I installed yesterday? Geez, I lost about a month on the last version with this new install and they still gyp me a few days? I would like to suggest that if a customer has remaining time on their prior purchase and they install the newest version they should be compensated the days for their remaining time on the prior purchase. Let me know if that report above is good and what to do with the other computer with that VNC problem thing.
  4. Not really. I did use something like "Show me your PC" with a friend a long time ago - like over a year ago. Not sure what computer that was on but I've never had problems. I don't think it's connected. I think it would be good to get that thing off this computer. If a program comes up later that asks to download that component then maybe I can make the connection as to where it came from. Right now I have no idea. I will do the GSI report on the other computer with the new KIS2014 and submit it shortly.
  5. Happy Happy Joy Joy!! I followed all instructions above and I am happy to report that I now have a healthy K icon in the tray! I used the disk I bought and it checked for the newer version and downloaded it automatically. I then updated the databases and a full scan is running right now on the computer. (I am using the other computer right now) Do you still want a GSI report after the scan? I have to head out. I will install the KIS2014 on this computer when I get back. Should I clear the cache or any other steps before installing the program on this computer? Will that problem go away? (see below) This is the computer where KIS is running but I keep getting a KIS message coming up identifying a possible threat. When I click on the threat (which is listed several times), KIS says it's not-a-virus and recommends ignoring it which only makes it pop up over and over again. This is how it reads: In the main window it identifies three entries of the same: VNC Server Free Edition Clicking on the notification brings up the action prompt window which recommends to ignore and reads: not-a-virus: RemoteAdmin.Win32.WinVNC.ad Location C\Windows.old\program files\realvnc\...winvnc4.exe Again, thank you richbuff, Don and Galileo for your time! Your help is much appreciated! :bravo:
  6. When I tried to open the KIS2014 exe file (which the icon looks weird. Don't know if that means anything) I got a windows message which read: Kis is not a valid Win32 application.
  7. I uninstalled KIS2013 with the remover tool and did the checkdisk thing following the directions. I tried to install the KIS2014 from the website. I was going to download the latest version and then activate the program with the code from the product I just bought in the store. I talked with a James Lamar on the chat asking him if I would download the trial version and then activate with the code I got from the disk I purchased. He couldn't answer, saying it was a technical question and referred me to a robot named Sasha - who couldn't grasp the concept of my question. Total waste of time with getting help with these two. I downloaded the trial and saved the KIS2014 exe file to the desktop. When I click on it I get a box that says Windows cannot read the file. I can't even RUN the program. I then took the disk that I just bought and tried to install the program - Nope. The installation checked for a newer version and it started to install...only to get this error message: An error has occurred during installation of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 I was planning on installing the new KIS2014 (losing almost a month of a paid service!) and then doing the GSI report Don was asking for. Please help. :dash2: I do not have any protection on this computer.
  8. I disabled stuff/junk on the browser. (addons and plugins) I cleared the TEMP folder as instructed. When I rebooted the computer - once again the KIS icon is greyed out and not working. I guess I am on the internet without KIS protection. I had left the computer running for the past few days while the KIS program was up and running. The reboot knocked it back out. I tried to do a diskcheck but that didn't work out. I got a message that read: " The disk check could not be performed because the disk check utility needs exclusive access to some Windows files on the disk. These files can be accessed only by restarting Windows. Do you want to schedule this disk check to occur the next time you restart the computer? " Again, I restarted the computer to a greyed out K icon and tried to check the disk only to receive the same message as above. As for upgrading the RAM, I will be doing that soon. I cannot do it now. When I came across that step I had to stop. I guess no big though considering the prior step of checking the disk didn't work anyway. Got anything else for me to try?
  9. Thank you richbuff for your time with this problem. I have no idea what the junk is that was recently installed. I had some friends stay with me this summer. They used this computer the whole summer on facebook, checking email, reading assorted internet articles and getting recipes. I know they are not familiar with computer stuff at all. Very basic skills. (I have tried to teach one the copy and paste function several times) Not that I am any techie, as I get basic instructions and follow them. It is a waste of time to ask them what they may have downloaded or altered. I will try to deal with all your directions above tomorrow at some point. I seem to have a hectic schedule tomorrow. Once again, thank you. I will let you know how things work out. :bs:
  10. Here is the GSI report link: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...fb00f24c75789b9 This was generated on the main computer with the startup problem and the greyed out K icon in the tray. Thank you everyone.
  11. What would this Radmin be? Could it be because that computer is hooked up to the big screen tv? I don't think that computer is hooked up to the BluRay player though. I think they hooked up the BluRay right to the modem on the other main computer. I don't want to lose a month of paid service with installing KIS2014 now. This is the main computer which has a hard time letting KIS startup. I need this computer tomorrow so I guess I won't shut it off tonight because the KIS is working right now. Any suggestions on how to fix the startup problem mentioned in the first post to get me through this month?
  12. Hello guys! I have been having 2 problems with KIS 2013. One problem on this computer and another on the other one. I just ordered KIS2014 and will be picking it up at the store this weekend. I still have 29 days left of 2013 on both computers so I don't know if it's worth fixing. Can I install 2014 this weekend and the account will be credited with the remaining days from the 2013 license? I bought the KIS2014 for 3 pc's - 2 desktop and 1 laptop. On this computer KIS doesn't even start up. It remains a grayed out icon in the tray. When I click on it the KIS window comes up and there are some letters that are doubled over making it illegible. I cannot find any words in the windows - the licensing screen is blank. I have to do several restarts and hope the program starts up. showing the red icon in the tray. Sometimes on the startup or restart the screen icons are huge and the entire screen is pixelated with basic coloring. It seems something is corrupted. The other computer starts up just fine. The KIS program appears healthy. (This computed has had little use) A KIS message comes up identifying a possible threat. When I click on the threat (which is listed several times), KIS says it's not-a-virus and recommends ignoring it which only makes it pop up over and over again. This is how it reads: In the main window it identifies three entries of the same: VNC Server Free Edition Clicking on the notification brings up the action prompt window which recommends to ignore and reads: not-a-virus: RemoteAdmin.Win32.WinVNC.ad Location C\Windows.old\program files\realvnc\...winvnc4.exe The laptop seems fine. I have to head out for the day and won't be able to check the comments until late tonight/early morning. I will have KIS2014 in hand when I return! If we are to just install the new program and not deal with the problems above that is fine. I will need help with the yearly transition to the newest version. Please explain the directions or provide a link to the directions posted somewhere in this forum. Thanks guys! You know the program works great when I only seem to be checking in during renewal! :bravo:
  13. Just stopping by to say hello!

    Hope everything is going well for you.

  14. Thank you guys so much! I followed the proxy time setting directions you gave and updated just fine! The red alert is gone. I had seen a report that said virus stuff in Quicktime and read a couple of threads here on the subject. I uninstalled the program right before I came here. Wouldn't you know it... I go check my mail only to see that a friend sent 2 Quicktime video links for me to watch from their account online from their phone and I can't see them now. Crazy stuff. Should I go and download the latest version on Q-time now or wait a little while longer? Again, thank you all for your time. All is well on the net for me once again. Don, your avatar is quite interesting.
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