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  1. Unless I am missing something obvious, that link does not answer any of my questions. Also the Administrator Guide PDF does not cover my questions. Please see attached screenshot for the setting in question. - How does Kaspersky match the paths to the server? - Do these paths support wildcard matching or it do partial matching? ( \\SERVER\Share\* etc )
  2. Setting up a central policy for file servers with "Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server". There is an anti-crypto section, where you can choose "Only specified shared folders", then "Add protection scope". The inclusions seems to allow both a local drive path "C:\Folder\Shared" and UNC paths like "\\SERVER\ShareName". - Are both valid and would work? - With a local path, will it protect host CNAME and all share names for that folder? - With a UNC path, will it protect host CNAME and all share names for the folder under that path? - Are the entries cAsE SenSitiVe? - Is there a recommended way to trigger the protection in order to test the settings are working? Regards, Rich.
  3. Just wanted to post some info here on this, since I had this problem and it was the top search result. Installing Kaspersky Security 8 for Microsoft Exchange Servers "The CreateActiveDirectoryObjectsActionStep operation ended in an error: AD not enough permissions." During the install account, it asks you twice, what account you wish to run Kaspersky under, and I wrongly assumed it would use that for AD write access, but actually it uses the logged in account. The account I was logged in as was a domain admin, but for a subdomain of a forest, and it is trying to write to the configuration stored in the top level domain: "CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=TopLevelForstDomainName" So I added the account to the forest "Enterprise Admins" group, however, the permissions would not take effect until I re-logged into the server, which meant cancelling and letting it do a rollback.
  4. Please can you release installers with the Patch D included.
  5. I have configured the properties, and they are not in the MSI file. If I change the properties these two files change: klrbtagt.ini ss_install.xml Are these supposed to go into the same folder as the MSI or somehow be integrated ?
  6. Need some help rolling out the network agent via the group policy software installation. From: http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=202915668 "When creating an installation package Administration Server data are added to MSI-installer" - Ran kasp6.0.1591_netagentmsien.exe which unpacked the files. - Created a new package in the Administration Kit, Remote Install section. - Went to KLSHARE\Packages\1103 6.0.1591 and in there got "Kaspersky Network Agent.msi" But the MSI matches the unpacked MSI and contains no server settings. There is a file called ss_install.xml with the settings, but not sure how its supposed to be used.
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